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Suicide the Day Death Rejected Me

Renee Abbott has spent almost five decades as a spiritual counselor, psychic, and medium. A1 Psychic Radio has hosted her show in the past.

Soulful Pain

Soulful Pain

A Deep Soulful Pain

Near Death Experiences, Suicide, the spirit world is all words familiar to me. The spirit world is a world I’m familiar with and have been active as a spiritual coach for four decades. I had encountered a Near Death Experience forty years ago. I considered myself a spiritual person, not a religious person. Through my years of counseling, being a psychic medium, suicide is not the chosen way out of the turmoil I suffered throughout my life. All this changed 2015.

It was ten years after my husband’s death, with each year spiraling further down. I felt lost. Life held only pain. That February event that occurred moved this pain into deep soulful pain.

Starting February 2015, every part of me cried out to die.

I begged daily to leave this world. I sought out death. I plotted it. I would drown myself. Why would it matter. Perhaps I could go where my spirit guide, husband and brother are? I knew better. Suicide people hover around earth helping those who they left behind. I couldn’t stand the pain any more. Seriously, I couldn’t name a single person who would be affected. Not one.

Daily I danced with the idea of death. A secret I kept even from my spirit guide, or so I thought. I wanted out of this life, but could I do that which I was against-take my life? Maybe, if I pray, I could get hit by a car and have another Near-death-experience like in the past, but this time I would die. Could I kill myself? There has to be a way out of here and through the death doors. Grim Reaper come for me.

It was April I received a sign. A Vision.

A Loving Vision

A Loving Vision

A Message Through A Vision

Death rejects you. You live.

“You aren’t going to let me die?” I screamed. “Please end my life.”

A day or two later, while on my morning walk, I realized I stood on a street dazed and confused. “Where was I?”

An electrical charge went through my head. It felt as if something blasted my whole body with energy. A Loving energy Inhaling, I realized my mp3 player was playing ‘Gimme Shelter’, by the Rolling Stones through my headphones.

“Shelter? Shelter? “

“Yes, I want to give shelter to others,” I shouted.

A quickening or alertness ran through me. The dazed and confusion despaired. I knew where I was. Just two streets away from my condo.

As I stepped into the door of my condo I shouted out, “I want to give shelter to people.”

A True Story

The above would make a great thriller, but it is a true story. It happened to me.

It was a group of spirit guides that I addressed when I said I want to give shelter to people. They go by the Hippie Ghost Band. It was not to 2017 that I discovered, through this group, what happened that fated April 2015 day. Divine brought back my spirit, which departed in February 2015 as my life completely shattered. They explained the vision was to stop me from committing suicide on April 24, 2015.

That day, Divine ordered Death to reject me. Instead, it brought back my spirit as I walked. It was my spirit that heard the lyrics of Gimme Shelter and wanted to give the world shelter, which became the theme Divine set my course for earth.

Over these past three years, spirits from the other side gathered and taught me all they knew about creating Heaven on Earth. As I stand in 2019, on its first day of the year, I am blessed Divine ordered the Grim Reaper to reject my death and asked the Hippie Ghost Band to teach me. I give them total credit for the situations they introduced me to, so I could heal, and live on earth in my heaven. Today, I wish to share their lessons.

The end of 2015, I moved from Florida to Arizona. It is here, over these past three years they taught me a different way to live. As told to me, these lessons are what is given to the newly dead. Can they work here on earth? Can we learn how to create heaven here? These past three years revealed the truth. It is an amazing experience. I, who studied metaphysics and new age for four decades, never encountered this. Yes, It worked with me. It can work for you. Stay tune to receive the lessons from the Hippie Ghost Band

Another Way Taught By the Hippie Ghost Band

Another Way Taught By the Hippie Ghost Band


Renee Abbott (author) from Arizona on January 08, 2019:

Jeff. Awesome. We share similar stories. Thank you for sharing. Yes, we are not alone in this world. The HIppie Ghost Band, all rock, roll, folk singers, blues jazz are here to help build a heaven. This is my life.:)

Jeff on January 07, 2019:

During the 1960's I was commissioned as a Flying Instructor in the RAF(VRT). The son of a friend who lived in Sandiacre, Derbyshre had decided, unwisely decided to dismantle the engine on his Triumph TR4, but was unable to re - assemble it. Having engineering skills I offered to assist him.

It was mid- summer with excellent weather and a terrific Saturday afternoon to complete the work. I set off for home in Nottingham some ten miles away at around 08:30 hrs.. I remember it was really warm and bright with excellent road visibility. The route took me along a long open stretch of dual carriageway which in those days had very little traffic.

After a couple of miles I noticed a pedestrian some one half a mile ahead and walking on my nearside (on the left in England!) in the direction I was travelling as I neared and slowed he turned and 'signalled to 'thumb a lift'. That was something you could do with relative impunity at that time.

Coming to a stop, I wound my nearside window down and asked him where he was heading. I was sure he said 'Allerton'. I asked him whether he meant Ollerton, a small town familiar to me and which I passed en route to my station, RAF Hemswell in Lincolnshire.

Given the time of year and the very warm evening, I was curious that he was wearing a full length white raincoat quite pooular at that time. He wasn't carrying any luggage which I thought odd.

I placed his age as similar to my own at around 25yrs.

He spoke clearly in an Southern accent. I asked him where he came from and he said Slough. That fitted.

Slough is a large town in Berkshire, England, on the western fringes of the Greater London Urban Area,

I was increasingly aware of a really strong smell of dank pond water.

I explained that I was travelling as far as the Boulevard close to my home, but re -assured him that from the point I was to 'drop him off' the Boulvard continued for a further three miles leading onto the main A614 'Ollerton Road'.

When we stopped it was approaching dusk. Having turned off the main Boulevard I parked on a wide road after some 40/50 yds. The section was already being illuminated with the orange Sodium vapour overhead lighting.

Whilst he gave me his name whilst we had been driving I cannot recall it now, he was friendly and very appreciative that I had given him a 'lift'. I clearly remembering saying that if I was I Slough he would "buy me a beer!" My car was a Sunbeam Alpine sports with a centre console. I had what we call a 'post it' writing pad laying on it and again, I have the clearest recollection of the passenger reaching forward and picking up and writing what he said was his address. He said 'goodnight', unfastened the full safety harness and stepped out of the car.. Again, I remember being pretty annoyed for a moment when he unnecessarily slammed the door shut.

I was very familiar with the spot where we had stopped. It had 6' iron railings along the whole stretch we had travelled from the Boulevard.

I instinctively looked to see if he was on his way and was really surprised he was not in sight. I was so stunned that when I climbed out of the car he was nowhere in sight. That was crazy!

I climbed back into the car and did a 'U' turn to go back to the Boulevard. Not a vehicle in sight! I set off in the direction he would have had to have travelled had he managed to hitch another lift,. It occurred to me that was ludicrous to imagine he could in a space of 20/30 seconds have simply vanished or have caught a lift. I drove the length of the Boulevard to the A614 without overtaking another vehicle. Perplexed and high time to head for home.

By the time I arrived it was dusk. My Father was on the drive and I told him about the unusual experience. Suddenly remembering the 'post it' I went into the car and picked up the pad. Not a trace of the writing , absolutely clean!

A very good friend who was a Lecturer in Chemistry at the nearby University of Nottingham said that Alan a Lecturer colleague would be interested in my account as he was particularly interested in the 'Paranormal'. I gave it to him and it duly appeared in the University 'rag'.

Alan also followed it up in the locality I had given my 'lift'. I had been with 'hitch hiker' for some 30 minutes. Others had seen a 'hitch hiker' on past occasions who followed my description, but had not spoken to him.

Three years earlier during the Winter a young man had lost his way in dark and foggy conditions hitch hiking along that stretch which was well known for the several deep Gravel pits flanking the road. He was drowned...

I recognised the man from the local news story Alan had traced.

My fellow traveller was as solid as any being I have ever met.

I shall never forget the smell of 'Pondwater'....

Renee Abbott (author) from Arizona on January 07, 2019:

Jeff, that would be wonderful.

Jeff' on January 07, 2019:

Renee, many thanks.

I would be happy to let you have brief account of one incident that you and others may find interesting and which I was actually able to later corroborate.



Renee Abbott (author) from Arizona on January 06, 2019:

Thank you, Jeff.

Yes, the paranormal is a world that fascinates me, and am honored to have had this experience. I appreciate you commenting. Renee

Jeff. on January 06, 2019:

Great article Renee. It has been my great good fortune and priviledge to have experiences that I was immediately able to recognise as paranormal. We exist beyond the physical.

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