Say Bye to Negative Vibes

Updated on November 16, 2018

Not every day is the same. Some days we are thrilled to take on the world, while other days we do not feel like getting out of the bed. Some days we are happier, while other days we are in the mode of depression.

Why does it happen? Because life is filled with positive and negative doors. It is your choice to select which door to pass and which door to enter.

Negative energy does exist, but you can surely master the art of combatting negative vibes, and trust me everyone can do it.

So let’s have a look at how you can overcome negative vibes:

1. Avoid the Negative

Look forward and turn your face towards the sun, so the shadows may fall behind you. This will help you in over-riding the negative thoughts. Start focusing only on the positive side of what you are doing, and where you are going. You may find it difficult in the start, but with practice comes perfection.

2. Change your Perspective

A positive perspective reflects a strong personality. Start changing your perspective, and in every situation, concentrate only on the positive side. This will aid you in moving forward from pain in the smoothest manner. You will find peace within yourself.

3. Smile – a little more!

Stay true to yourself and try to be yourself. Walk with a relaxed body and upright posture. Don’t forget to carry your smile with you. Even if you do not have any reason to smile, always remember the fact that you have a life, you are alive, you are far better than any other, and you are stronger than you think. These facts will automatically lighten up your face, and with a genuine smile, you will walk with an uplifted disposition.

4. Self-Talks

Everyone likes to spend time alone, and we call it ‘me time’. In that specific time, talk to your inner speak, calm your soul, enrich your mind with worthy talks, and lastly do not forget to love yourself just the way you want others to love you.

5. Spend time with Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people. We all know someone who always looks happy, full of life, who spreads positive energy in all the gatherings. Don’t we all get inspired by them? That’s the kind of people you need more in life to help you feel the positive energy in yourself.

You will wake up every day living with a thankful heart. Your beautiful, radiant positive energy will be picked up by others and inspire them. Gratitude is surely the quickest way to overcome negative thinking and transform your life.

*Bonus Tip*

Read and watch something that is inspiring. You can subscribe to many channels on YouTube and Facebook Pages that publish positive content.

So, Think Positive, Be Positive and Stay Positive!

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      • Babu Mohan profile image

        Mohan Babu 

        5 months ago from Chennai, India

        Well written Rida. We have to decide whether we face the Sun or show our back to Sun. It was a nice analogy. Staying positive is the way we look at things and not how things are.


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