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Rooting Creates Happy Accidents

Roxanne is an artist, yogi, and yoga teacher. She has studied at Sacred Garden Yoga and Kennesaw State University.

Rooting is Not Just For Trees

Rooting is a word that is commonly used in the asana (posture) portion of yoga. It means that you need to be sturdy in your foundation before you can truly rise or bloom into the full extension of the posture.

This concept can be applied to all other aspects of our lives - work, home, school, relationships, and most of all, the relationship that we have with ourselves.

When we open to rooting and growing outward, we open ourselves to the possibility of happy accidents.

Take a Gander at the Next Tree You See

James Surls, "Seeing in the Wind". 1987

James Surls, "Seeing in the Wind". 1987

Become the Tree

So, you have observed a tree. Now try above visualization on yourself.

Do you feel like you are extending through the crown of your head? When you reach out do you extend fully? How are your legs doing? Do they feel stable and strong? What about your feet? Are they firmly planted or do you feel as if someone could easily push you over?

It is Not Easy

Rooting is a practice. It, like all rewarding things, takes time. The nurture and care that you put into yourself will reflect on all aspects around you. The moral of the story is be good to yourself. Some days it is going to be more difficult than others. On those days simply water your roots a little more and do not be so hard on yourself.

Sometimes Nourishment Slaps You in the Face

Appreciating art is a way that I like to nurture my creative roots.

Appreciating art is a way that I like to nurture my creative roots.


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