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Rebirth of Life: Spring Arrives

English is my passion, I’m in love with this language since my childhood.Only way to write perfectly is to read, read and yet read again.

Cherries trees in full bloom





It‘s time of nature’s revival and soon freezing winter would be over and there would be spirit of new life in all the plants and trees around us.Mother nature is ready again to show it’s fresh beauty to us which will begin new era of hope and determination in us.

A new life is very important in order to survive and to balance your tiredness and fatigue.That’s how God teaches us how we can fight with darkness and yet again can revive our soul with light of freshness and novelity full of new thoughts and dreams.

In this hub, I would discuss beauty of nature and will explain what change this natural seasonal rebirth does bring in our souls and how we can change our pessimistic attitude with this natural beauty‘s new life as God is teaching us to freshen up ourselves by getting rid of died thoughts and get new hope and new life as nature is doing by reviving itself and Shedding up it’s rotten phase and getting new life again with full force.

Now please accompany me as we enter into world of ‘Rebirth of Life: Spring Arrives’ in order to enlighten ourselves up.

Prunus ‘Kanzan’ full of new life



Rebirth of Life: Spring Arrives

When I go to park for my morning walk everyday, I sit on an old rustic wooden bench right in front of flowering cherry trees which are in preparation of getting in full bloom at the end of February.Soon March will start and these trees buds which have already started the process of rebirth, will bloom into pink cherry flowers and all the cherry trees will wear a shroud of pink flowers, so beautiful and elegant to watch.

It seems that these cherry trees have already heard the whistle of change echoing somewhere in the air by the blower of Nature.This echo has whispered a beginning of new life which these trees have taken very seriously and have listenled it earlier than any other tree or plant.

It looks like these cherries trees were waiting for just a whisper in order to start a new era as they have waited long enough after autumn and they got so tired of frosty winter’s chilling season that just a whisper made them producing life again.

These trees inspire me so much as when I look at them, I just get lost in beauty of nature and they force me to think that God has created a great renewal season of spring in order to give human beings a new hope of life and dreams.God has made this spring time for us to sit and think again.

God has forced us through this new spring phase to get rid of our sad and pessimistic thoughts.He has used his full power to creat this Mother Nature to keep us fresh and to make us forget our past and bad dreams.

God has given us new soul of love and determination to dream again and fulfill our dreams with optimism and hard work.He has taught us new lesson to get ready for new things through this Spring era and to forget our mistakes and miseries as life goes on.

‘God has showed human beings Law of Nature in order to succeed and live happily.’

Nature is a great Teacher



Law of Nature is very interesting thing to understand as it gives humans a new insight to look into our lives.These four seasons teach us many things which we cannot learn on our own.Some we learn through our experiences but in order to get our mind and soul into right place we need Mother Nature’s help.

Spring comes first which starts in March lasting till June.This time gives a whole new life to all the rotten plants and trees.Even some trees which seem to be almost dead in winter, they get new revival as well and we are very surprised to see those trees full of flowers and colourful leaves.Even birds start coming back in March to celebrate this new birth of life which gives those birds a new freshen up air to survive in.

Birds start making their nests on trees in spring which shows that even nature teaches them as well to build a new life at the beginning of new season of year.

Like Birds human beings get so inspired by spring as well.This new time of year gives humans a new way of thinking about life. This spring season shows us all how we can get rid of our rotten parts of life with putting new life into them.

No matter, how bad is our situation, everything changes with the change of our state of mind.If we start thinking positive, all good will start happening to us.So in order to survive from evil inside us, we have to learn remain positive and to shatter our bad thinking which doesn’t give us anything nice except we remain in grief and sorrow because of this thinking.

So spring is a season which teaches us to replace our bad thought into new thinking and to dream only positive things.I have learnt a lot from this season as this time has showed me a better way to lead my life full of positivity and brightness.

This season has given me new soul in order to succeed and face the difficulties of life with more passion and positive mind.

After spring Law of Nature gives us another precious season of warmth and pleasure.Summer comes with it’s full force of sun which warms up whole planet with its warm rays.It gives us the brightness of life, it shows us how we can warm ourselves up from getting hot wishes and bright dreams which lead us to totally different phase of our life full of warmth and positivity.

I love summer as it hits us with nature’s warmth and gives our soul a new light of happiness and brightness.

Summer season gives us new time to brighten up our new thinking and to warm it up with new wishes and new determination to get the good out of evil.

I know it’s really hard sometimes to get rid of your evil thoughts but practice makes us perfect.And if we keep on practicing good thoughts and forget the bad ones.Then sooner, we will master ourselves and this will show us how good and positive things will start happening to us.

Summer is the most shining time



After some warmth, we get Autumn, the most beautiful season.Which shows us how we can dream positive and then try our best to put full energy into our project like all trees,plants and leaves do, in order to get a brilliant result of our dream.

This season has its own beauty which fills up the whole earth with golden, yellow and red leaves which seems so charming and wonderful to eyes that we cannot get our eyes off.

This season plays a vital role in showing us to get full energy from our soul in order to get the best result of our life.It shows us how we can change our pessimism into optimism with energy of Nature.

Autumn is very necessary to start again



Winter is the last season of year and Nature.It is very cold and frosty and we get so tired in this chilling weather.Trees feel it’s chillingness too as they stop bearing any leaves or flowers on them.

Birds and animals hide somewhere as well to feel less cold and to warm them up.Yet, this season is home time too and has it’s own beauty of whiteness.As snow gives us a great pleasure of purenes.White colour Always is popular for it’s deep and pure soul.

So this season gives us pureness in order to get ready for new life which is spring again.It shows us that colouring our bad attitude and thoughts with white colour purifies our spirit and gets it ready for new era and new dreams.

Winter is a season to purify soul



Four seasons circle around Law of Nature

So keep sitting in that wooden bench daily is a course to revival of my soul.Spring shows its floral beauties of love and affection which heat up my eyes and I love looking at these cherries trees which show me a new phase of scented freshness.

The silk patels of the Prunus flowers teach me how beautiful is life and this beauty makes me forget all the worries of my life for sometime.As I get lost in beauty of these flowers, sometimes I feel it’s not only me who is lost with it’s beauty.

This beauty of flowers have drawn a special spell on birds and bees as well.As they keep on circle around those flowers all the time to get a sense of scent and admire those colours of nature all the time by guarding them.

So everyone gets caught in beauty of spring flowers and love the scented air.For me, this beauty means more as it makes me forget all evil forces and all my pain.I just cannot get me eyes off these cherry flowers which give me a new hope to start again and to try again in order to get the freshness of my life.

I only learn one lesson from this spring beauty which is forget the pain and misery and feel good, only then good things will happen in future.

So rebirth is very necessary in order to get the best out of Life my friends.

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