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Real Reasons Why You Are Not Motivated

Why we lose motivation at some point of time

What happens to our motivation

We get motivation from movies, videos, books, and even while talking to an inspiring personality... Moving forward, we lose our focus and motivation... and at some point in time, we will be the same old person again. Have you ever thought of this situation? What is the reason behind, such a loss of motivation?

Need to find the root cause

Today we are going to address some of the reasons, why we lose motivation all of a sudden. We all might have gone through such a circumstance, once...that is we start doing something enthusiastically and at some point of time, we lose our focus We just need to think over the situation, but usually what we do is that... we keep on trying, rather than investigating/correcting the root cause the real solution is to examine, what is the root cause...

Negative self talk

So today, we are going to discuss some of the causes for that, one by one, and I hope you can relate to most of them. The first one is that we don't value ourselves, that we are capable of doing the things that we are attempting... sometimes, we may talk negatively about ourselves, unknowingly...

Say, for example, if we are asked about our exercises or workouts, we may speak, about not being confident enough to complete that ... it's just like, positive affirmation...using this negative self-talk, we register our incapability on our mind and which in turn disappoints...

so what we need to do is that we need to be confident in our ability and that should reflect in our talks, negative self-talks may result in negative impact...

Need to have a strong reason

Second thing is, if we don't have transparency on what we are up to, we may lose motivation. say, for ex: you started a business, but you are not aware, why you started, then you may end up somewhere... say, in the case of doing workouts, you do it just because, everybody asked you to do so, then you lack clarity as to why you are doing that and it may end up failing.

So what you need to do is to define properly, what you are up to and have clarity as to what you should do & why you are doing it. This will keep us motivated throughout our journey...

Overwhelming Goals

The third one is if our goals are overwhelming, we may feel drained... Say if we are simply setting our goal as to learn 'tailoring', then that is an overwhelming task. But if we split it into manageable goals with specific deadlines for each, then that task will seem to be obtainable.

a solution to the same is that we should split the larger goals into smaller milestones, with deadlines, that can be delivered.

Environment is not supportive

Next is if we don't have a suitable environment for achieving our goals, then we may lose motivation

Firstly, you need to find out if there is an element in your environment which demotivates you. Remove those elements and replace them with motivating factors. Also, you can surround yourself with positive people.

Not fit enough to execute

The next thing is if you have are not fit enough, then that may be an obstacle in your way to achieving your goals. Choose a healthier lifestyle. make changes to your food habits, hours of sleep, etc. An energetic body will have an active mind and which will help you in concentrating on your goals, without any hindrances.

Not patient enough to wait for the results

Next is impatience... if we are not calm enough to wait for the results, that may affect our motivation. we need to realize the fact that success is a marathon and not a sprint. We need to approach something consistently, rather than doing it intensely. We need to develop a stable approach to have a productive result.


I have discussed around 6 points, on the reasons for lack of motivation...many I had encountered myself. And hope you can associate with many of the points.

we just need to evaluate what is happening and find out what is the actual reason for the lack of motivation and work towards the same. If you find this useful enough, then please consider supporting, will see you soon.

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