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Updated on September 26, 2017
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Israel is a fan of many types of music and loves to write, not in any particular order and does them usually at the same time.

Humans. What extraordinary beings we are. Such a capacity for love and beauty. At the same time such a capacity for hate and destruction. We truly do have unlimited potential. Whether we use that potential for the greater good or the demise of our world is really up to us.

On the individual level in general we can truly be whatever we want to be. Yes, there will be obstacles in the way but if someone works hard enough and overcomes those obstacles the rewards they will reap are worth it. Just in the last century of the technological advances have enabled us as a species to reach new heights.

Just with our smart phones we can access an abundance of knowledge never before seen. We are more efficient but are also more distracted than ever. With the world wide web a person can be interested in a topic or subject and can thoroughly teach themselves and gain an insurmountable amount of knowledge. With initiative and discipline a person could be subject matter expert with time. Want to become a master gardener, start with basic gardening as a search term with a search engine. Look at all the results that contain a wealth of knowledge. Want to know how engines work, thousands of articles and sites along with videos can give you the run down. Do some of us do this already, of course we do.

Imagine a world if everybody found their passion and took the time to teach themselves and reach their fullest potential. How better would our lives be? How happier would ourselves internally feel? How many of the problems plaguing our communities, countries and world could be solved. Imagine the how a person could help others and vice versa. Crowd sourcing is very powerful tool. I won't get into crowd sourcing just because that is a whole other subject on its own. It is a very great concept that is used in many things today.

Reaching our potential we have shouldn't be our stopping point, we know we are capable of so much more and the world will need it if not now but very soon. Finding our potential and reaching it and beyond takes work. We have the knowledge at our fingertips, literally, with a couple of keystrokes we can dive into what drives us and we can attain the knowledge that will enlighten us to a better future. Not only just as individuals but as a society and a world that need us. We should all strive to make this world a better place for our kids and their kids to live in and so on to the best of our ability. We have the tools and the resources. Lets reach our potential and beyond to make this world a better place for all of us. We have the power to do this. As they say, “Knowledge is Power.”

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    • IsraelMercado profile image

      Israel Mercado 5 months ago

      Welcome, I am amazed at the potential we as individuals have and the things we could achieve.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 months ago from The Caribbean

      Good motivation here. We all need it occasionally. Thanks!