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Power and Benefits of Positive Words and Thoughts

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ShyeAnne lives on beautiful Vancouver Island off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. She strives to age in a healthy way.

Beautiful Deep Bay, BC

Beautiful Deep Bay, BC

'Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me'.

Sticks & Stones Will Break My Bones

I remember this charming little chant from my childhood days.

In theory this holds true, however, it may be challenging to remember to live by these words if someone is saying ignorant things to you, or stating things you do not want to hear.

We have a responsibility to one another to facilitate the power of positive thoughts and to use positive, assertive, clear words in our interpersonal communications with friends, loved ones and the people that you meet while you're walking down the street.

The power of positive thought coupled with good words is an amazing interpersonal communication medium to strive for.

We have a responsibility to speak respectfully to those we interact with, regardless of circumstance. When someone barks at us or throws insults our way or perhaps gives us the cold shoulder, this does not give us the right to treat that person disrespectfully. We need to remember not to judge. We need to remember to be respectful.

We need to remember to be respectful in all our interactions with others, always.

This does not mean we need to accept the behaviors. When we use assertive communications skills, we are then able to say what we need to say in calm and respectful tones.

Good Energy Colors

Bright colors create good energy

Bright colors create good energy

Ignorance Does Not Excuse Ignorance

Ignorance does not excuse ignorance.

We do not have the right to respond to unfavorable communications with insulting words, negative tones or aggressive silence. We have a responsibility to put on our grown up pants and respond with a calm, kind manner, regardless of circumstance.

Another option is to not engage in the communication if there is no possibility of civility. It is much more desirable to exercise the option to leave the conversation until calmer heads prevail.

When we respond with raised voices and/or profane language, we lose our power.

I have experienced feeling powerless and impotent after engaging in negative communications with verbal aggression instead of responding assertively from a place of personal power.

We need to remember to respond in a calm, assertive manner.

If that feels impossible, silence is the second best choice.

'Silence is Acceptance' does not necessarily mean you accept the adverse communications, it could also simply mean you accept there is no moving forward in a positive way with the present communication.


Contemplating in Silence

Contemplating in Silence

Earth's population contains a wildly eclectic and diverse pile of communication traits that serve to define us individually and collectively.

Using Your Words Effectively

For some humans, being respectful and kind seems to come naturally.

There are folks that appear to have the ability to let the trials and tribulations of life roll off their backs, kind and respectful to everyone. They are able to stride along, serenely wading through the good, the bad and the ugly that life presents, at the same even pace.

There are also humans that appear to be perpetually discontent, impatience and anger chronically simmering just below their surface. Simmering, stewing, waiting for someone to piss them off so they have a reason to react and let loose some of the angst they are feeling. These people want to share their misery, blame someone or something external to themselves, for their unhappiness.

Then there are those that appear to possess and have the ability to use a balanced mix of all emotions available to us. I envy those humans.

These comments are based on my personal perceptions based on my own observations. They are not intended as judgments.

Earth's population contains a wildly eclectic and diverse pile of communication traits that serve to define us individually and collectively.

I have friends that have experienced extremely rugged events in their pasts. Drug addiction, abuse, neglect, poverty. I also know people that have been brought up with compassion, understanding and love, nurtured by attentive caregivers. I see an equal distribution of kindness and ignorance in both groups, with no rhyme or reason given to life circumstance.

I am beginning to believe it is simply a cosmic coin flip that determines the path our personalities take. This flip of a coin determines whether we are happy, sad, mad, glad, content, angry, loving and lovable. This is my personal and simplistic explanation. How we communicate these emotions to others in our communications becomes the cornerstone of who we are.

I believe, once we reach adulthood, that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our fellow humans to learn to use our words in an assertive and kind way. Nothing positive will be gained by yelling, screaming or using demeaning or sarcastic words.


Deep Bay, BC

Deep Bay, BC

'Sarcasm is the Wit of a Fool.'

Are You a Sarcastic Soul?

Sarcasm, the Wit of a Fool

I spent many foolish years embracing the wit of a fool. I still use sarcasm but I have greatly tempered my delivery and choice of words over time. I actually do think before I speak now, most times.

I have an extremely sarcastic friend. Some of the comments she makes are very funny, depending on one's sense of humor, but none-the-less, very sarcastic. She often adds the disclaimer, 'Did I say that out loud?', at the end of a particularly cutting remark. I used to laugh at some of the things she dared utter but I was uncomfortable if I was the target of the remark.

A funny zinger stands the test of time but sarcasm can be used as a weapon.

"People may forget what you say but they will never forget how you make them feel." I am not sure whom to attribute that quote to, suffice to say, it is a good one.

Words in and of themselves, do not have power. Why, how and when we use these words determines the gist, the meaning, the message we are attempting to convey.

Positive Words

This Word Has Too Much Power

There is a word in the English language that starts with C and ends with T. There are two letters in the middle. The word rhymes with bunt. This is a word that is often delivered in a derogatory way and appears to have an extremely negative effect on some humans, mostly women. I am not offended by this word. I would use it on these pages instead of dodging around it, except to do so may contribute to my writing being flagged as inappropriate.

I have had this word hurled in my direction more than once. The word itself doesn't carry weight, it is the delivery that empowers the punch. Words are just that, words. We can choose how we are going to let words affect us at any given time. I think it is an honor to be called a c--t, but I don't think it does much for one's feeling of self worth if it is strung together with a bunch of other socially unacceptable words.

  • At the end of the day, like all the rest, it is simply a word.
  • We get to choose, on a regular basis, what we are going to allow to offend us.
  • Use your words in a good way, every day, if you are evolved enough to be able to do so.
  • Words are all we have. Words have the power to make, or break, someone's day.

Insults and profanity are the lowest form of communication. They serve no purpose at all.

People may forget what you say

but they will never forget how you make them feel.

© 2011 ShyeAnne

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