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Positive Messages for Teenagers

Being a teenager can be scary! Your life is changing so fast, you have so much to do and so much ahead of you. You may be feeling strange, feeling depressed or helpless as everything in your world begins to take a new meaning.

Grab a soda, and sit for a while. I have some things you need to hear.


You may not feel like it all the time, but know that you are loved. Your family loved you when you were born, they loved you as you grew up, and even now as you grow and change from the child they raised into an adult they will continue to love you.

You have to understand that by this point in your life your parents have gone through years of hard work to provide you with things you may be taking for granted. You have food, warmth, and all the love you could ever ask for. Times may get rough now and again, but you are important, and you are loved.

Peer pressure is the worst, isn't it? You just have to have and do everything your friends want. It's like, necessary! Well when it comes to your friends, there are some things you really, seriously, totally don't have to do.

To fit in, you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. You're a strong person with free will, do precisely what is best for you. If you ever feel like you can't make the right choice, escape the situation and get the help of a responsible adult.

You don't want to tattle on your friends, but if the people you associate with and love the most are hurting themselves by doing things they're not ready for or that could put them in life-threatening situations, help them! You are a better friend to those you hold dear for trying to keep them safe and well.

Drug addiction and sex are more harmful to young folks, simply by virtue of the fact that you're still growing up and forming habits which you'll carry your whole life. Please keep yourself safe, and try to help your friends stay safe too!

Is your hair too frizzy? Butt a little too small? Are you flat chested? Guys, are you lanky? Let me see a raise of hands for teens who hate pimples!

Ok, hands down.

You're all beautiful. In your own ways, in many ways, each and every one of you has qualities that are admirable. Beauty doesn't just come from the outside. Yeah, I know, you've heard it before, but it's the truth. I'll tell you what's even better than being the "hawtest gurl in skool."

Intelligence. A kind heart. Passion for life and helping your fellow man (err, teen!)

Sure, outward appearances are emphasized in the media and in social situations. Everyone's outer beauty fades in time, my dears. If you focus instead on treating everyone with courtesy and respect, kindness and decency, the rest of it just fades away. People will love you regardless. I do!

The most important message -

You are not alone.

You always have someone to talk to, somewhere to go. Even if you're lost and afraid, there is always someone willing to help you. You don't have to go through any of the trials of teenager-dom alone. Reach out to your family, your friends, heck you can even reach out to me.

You are worth it, and there is no shame in asking for help when you feel you need it the most.

I love you!