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Who Am I? I Am a Girl With a Mind, a Woman With Confidence & a Lady With Class.

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Often, it is difficult to stop the mind from resisting thinking. The brain is like a garden, and the seeds are all thoughts. If new ideas are to grow, the brain needs to be fertile to fertilize the new ideas. You can either grow flowers or weeds. To live a mindful life, one must understand what it means to grow flowers instead of weeds.

Keep in mind that what you plant inside will grow scarce. You can use the power of your mind to concentrate on what you desire to arise from it as it grows. You can choose what sprouts out from it. Some may let weeds germinate.

My goal is to grow flowers because I am a woman who understands that life is not to be understood, but it plans for living. We can choose the values that matter most to us and the direction our lives will take. Whenever you cultivate something, it becomes your solution, and you let things happen and grow naturally.

It is sometimes necessary to ask yourself questions to learn and discover your true identity. ‘Who am I? That is a question everyone will ask themselves at some point. When people ask this question, they are usually struggling with their identity, and they create new identities and try to find a sense of identity. How do you answer the question, “Who am I? There is no appropriate answer to this question, but I know who I am.


I am what I am, like me, love me, hate me, take me, or leave me, but I am a sincere friend to the end. I am someone who asks for nothing in return. Although there are two things I require of my friends, don’t hurt or use me.

I am immune to negative energy, allergic to nonsense, and only receptive tips serve as my greatest asset. I am human; I am far from perfect, but I am expanding, and my heart is pure. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but I love everything I have, and I am happy to be me.

I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, and learn how to love, even after getting hurt; I overcome. I am human; I am not flawless, but I am thankful. I’ve made wise decisions and poor decisions, I’ve made excellent choices and some that were wrong, but I am honest, loving, and happy, I have confidence; I have faith, and I am me, and that is what powerful women do.

Sometimes, I talked when I should listen; however, I’ve learned to know when to speak and if I should be quiet. I never want to be anything that I am not, and I am not here to impress anyone. Who am I? I am me, discovering myself on my journey.


I am my mother’s daughter. The image of who she was and how she raised me: to strive, to fight, to stand firm, and if I fall to get back up and bounce back from the crushing impact. My mother is and always will be my biggest fan, and I am proud to say that she was somebody dear to me, unique and firm.

I’ve got friends I know where they stand when I need anything, and they know just where I stand whenever anything goes wrong with them. So when I make a mistake, they know just how to help me understand nothing can change who I am.

It is all a part of who I am because I am happy to be me, and nothing can change who I am. I am still discovering myself; I am me on my journey. I am a one-in-a-million type of intelligent young lady, the person who comes once in a lifetime.

I am loyal to friends and family; they know I will be available until the end. I do not fear the enemy. Even when they desire to defeat me. I endure and will persevere to overcome. I get to laugh, even when I am crying inside. The smile on my face is my pick-me-up. Some people need more than what they have, and others think they are getting less. I like my friends, family, and what I have to be who I am, and I am me, discovering me on my journey.


If I could go back in time and change my life, I would not change anything. I would leave things as they are because I gained knowledge from being me and all my mistakes. Because life’s experience gave me the ability to be the best of who I am. I am happy; I accept Christ in my life, and I am who I am. Some people are the best at what they do, some are average, and others are just getting by.

However, none of them are, or ever can be me. I am one of a kind. So I never compare myself to other people. I cannot be them, and they cannot be me. That is who I am. I am just me, discovering myself on my journey.

I can be me and only me; I can not be anyone else. I stand firm and walk in the truth, no more, no less. I do not wonder or have any additional guesses about who I am. I know who I am. I know how to love, laugh, and cry at the right time. I try to be what I reveal every day from the beginning to the end.

Life taught me to strive not because there’s a guarantee of success but because the act of striving is the only way to maintain the faith and continue to live. I was born to be who I am, a daughter of Sarah, a child of God, one of a kind. I am what you see every day; that is who I am if you care to know my name. It is Pamela Morris, and I am a child of God.

Being a female is a matter of birth but being a lady is a matter of choice


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© 2015 Pam Morris