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People Say: Keep Strong, but How Do You?

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Elena teaches Adults and Teens in London and also supports learners with Mental Health issues.


"Keep Strong," "Take it easy" are words people use to encourage others when they are feeling low but we all know, it's not as simple as that. So, how do we Keep Strong? I will share 6 tips that help me.

1) Recalling Past Victories.

Everyone has had a time in their life when they were going through a hard time and sometimes, out of the blue or at the last minute, when they had given up hope, there was a positive turn around and it was like the sun came out. It's good to remember that if it has happened before, it can happen again. I am sure for everyone, this has happened quite a few times. For me, I've had many breakthrough's at the eleventh hour.

2. Listening to motivational & inspirational Videos.

What we feed our mind/soul, determines how we will feel and also the energy around us. If you listen to something positive, you feel positive, you have some hope and actually attract positive energy. I share below one of thousands of videos online that really lifted my spirit, when I was down last year. (I teach, if I feel down, the energy will reflect in the Class) but I just love this video and still have it on my phone as an MP3.

Listening to motivational videos/audio also gives you some motivation to start any task you have for the day. It does something positive to your mind.

Just be Glad by Christian Larson - One of my favourites

3. Talk to yourself positively.

These 2 quotes say it all:

  • "The words we speak, become the house we live in." ~ Hafiz
  • "Do not speak badly about yourself. For the warrior within you hears your words and is lessened by them." ~ David Gemmell

Have you heard of Affirmations?

They are positive statements, that you continually say about/to yourself, especially when a negative thought comes in. Search online for the ones you like or create your own. Search for: "Positive Affirmations"

Examples of positive affirmations


4. Gratitude

Gratitude is so powerful. I didn't understand how powerful it is until I read Rhonda Byrne's book "The Magic." You can listen to it on youtube, as an audio book or buy a copy. I wrote a review about it here.

Gratitude makes you appreciate life and focus on the positives. You'd be surprised to know that some people are praying for something that you have, that you hardly take any notice of. Example, there are people just hoping they can have one room to live in, while a man who lives in a mansion is worried about something else. The fact that he has so many rooms, is not going to be his daily thought.

I usually give gratitude for about 5 things, when I wake up or when I get home. If you want you can go a step further and have a gratitude journal and at the end of the day, write 5 things you are grateful for. Example:

  • There was no heavy traffic, found a parking space.
  • Lady at the bank, went out of her way to help you.
  • Someone got you a coffee. (It's the though that counts)
  • You had the energy to get through the day. Don't take it for granted.

The list is endless. Just say it to yourself: "I am grateful for....." :-)



5. Meditation and Mindfulness.

Meditation helps quiet the mind and you can actually hear your inner voice. If you are a Chrisitan, you will hear the voice of the Spirit - that inner impression.

Whatever your faith maybe or even if you have no faith, I promise you meditation helps give your mind clarity. Give it a try.

Mindfulness on the other hand is practicing being in the present. It could be something as simple as closing your eyes, relaxing and listening to the sounds around you. Nice to do it in a quiet area though.

6. What makes you happy?

Reading and Writing?

Listening to Music or writing songs?

Helping aduts or kids in the community?


Doing somethng creative?

Playing games?



Watching movies?

  • What makes your heart sing? Do more of that. It nourishes the soul.


People say I have an aura of calmness around me and if affects others. I know it's thanks to all these tips. Whatever personal battles I am facing in life, they don't reflect on the outside.

That smile hides it all. We all know "that smile" I'm talking about.

God is my Strength.

Thank you for reading. Keep Strong and never stop laughing.

It's good medicine.

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