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Updated on November 5, 2017
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Rosemary is certified LOA Coach, Helping women who feel stuck in life or career to answer those silent questions that transform their life.

The Journey of Life

As you journey through life, you find yourselves branching off onto different paths, depending on what your desire or dream is.

Sometimes you travel down a path, that is someone else’s dream or desire. As you travel along that path you start finding you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, your heart feels heavy, and you find yourself procrastinating. This is not the path for you, because it’s not resonating with you.

One way you will know if you are on the right path, towards your dream, desire, or what you want in life. Is your path will feel light, your heart sings, and you feel a passion and zest for life.

When you are experiencing feelings of happiness, joy, fun, laughter, bliss, passion, and peace. You are attracting more good, happy, joyful, positive, things into your life.

However, the same thing happens if you are thinking negativity, feeling down, depressed, you are attracting more negativity into your life.

On a positive side, when you are experiencing these negative type of thoughts and feelings, they help you discover what you do want in life. Your feelings are alerting you to what your thoughts are, and what you are thinking. It draws your attention to what the monkey mind is saying.



Tip 1.
When you are experiencing negative feelings, and to start shifting you into a better feeling place, is being satisfied where you are right now.

One way to do that is feeling the appreciation and gratitude for what you have in your life now.

For example: Where you are living, your home, family, friends, your job. Look around your environment, "what do you appreciate and feel grateful for?" It could be a sunny day, the beautiful flowers, trees. It may be raining, how the rain nourishes the plants, and fill the waterways. When you are moving yourself into better feelings, you are raising your energy and vibration, to attract more good feelings,

Tip 2
You have the power to change your story. You can choose to stay in pain by telling your old story, which is feeling the victim, full negativity.

Or you can choose to start telling the new positive story, of all the good things you have in your life. Using words like 'I am' 'I am now have'

Tip 3
Your ego will start creating the feelings of fear, doubts, not good enough, not worthy, you can’t do that, and many other emotions will start surfacing. This is natural. The ego doesn’t want to lose its power, it wants to keep control and keep you in your comfort zone.
It takes time to change a lifetime of habits, and beliefs, however you can do it.

Tip 4
You also have your own GPS, your guidance system, that can help you. This is your gut instinct, your intuition. By listening to your intuition or gut instinct it will guide you through the doubts, fears, if you trust enough to follow.

"Have you in the past had a gut instinct about something?", You acted, and it turned out to be for your benefit. Or you look back on an incident, and thought, “glad I followed my gut on that one”.

Tip 5
Stop and breathe. By doing deep breathing, it helps clear your head, calm your emotions and feelings.

Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, let all your negative pent up emotions and feelings flow out of you.

After doing this for a few minutes, you will start to feel calmer, peaceful and your mind will be clearer.

By taking time to centre and breathe, you are in a better place to respond to your intuition, gut instinct, and have clarity what your next step is.

Through life you will experience the contrast, which creates clarity on what it is you do want in life. What your dreams and desires are.

This creates a joy, happiness, and excitement within you, and helps you hear your intuition, and inner guidance, to start creating what it is you do desire.

The emotions of joy, happiness, fun, laughter, bliss, these are the emotions that attract more wonderful things into your life, and your desires and dreams.


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    • attractnmarketing profile image

      Rosemary Leach 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Path to change, how our dreams don't have to change as we discover different paths on our journey in life. Our dreams and desires even though they appear to be forgotten, or lost they are still with us, and they can be better than we thought.