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My Own Experience on "Everything Happens for a Reason"

There is a reason for everything!

There is a reason for everything!

There is a reason for everything!

Yes, I do believe in the phrase "Everything happens for a reason"

For many, this is a comforting statement. On the other hand, for some, it is just a myth or belief statement from the past. We, as human beings, dig or surf to understand the fact of the phrase that is used. I am one among you. I would try to understand if this is a real one or not. To understand this I've started applying this phrase to my daily life.

Incidents that made me believe:

Incident 1 - My life turning point

I have been selected by a company and was in a training period for 2 months. After 2 months, there was an assignment and they informed me that based on the percentage obtained, they'll allocate the branches. Above 90% of marks obtained by employees have been allotted to the branch of the same state. One of my friends and I got 89% and was allotted to the branch of a different state. We felt so bad that we developed a strong friendship bond and formed a gang with 7 people. Among that, we both have to transfer to another state. With mixed emotions, we spent the last 2 days with our gang and went to places where we used to go always. Spent time together before we packed everything and left the state.

Days passed, Months passed, and after a year, I met the most gorgeous man of my life! He joined as a new employee in my company. I remember thinking that he has a kind smile. It was his very accurate first impression. He is very friendly, and helpful, plus a ton of other wonderful things and I am very much in love with him and his smile. Meanwhile, we fell in love and opened up to our parents about our feeling for each other. I learned his language. Believe in God, he has got a better plans than we think. Finally, It was an inter-caste and inter-state marriage.

Then I realized "Everything happens for a reason".

Incident 2 - Office trip

Our manager has decided to take us on a one-day trip to develop a bond with the team members and also to explore things in the resort. I was so excited to join the trip and was one of the organizing team members. Discussed the activities to conduct during travel and also in the resort. All were prepared and packed my trip bag with all my necessities.

A day before the trip, my husband met with an accident and got his leg injured with lots of blood loss. Since he is doing the night shift, he'll return home around 6 in the morning and that day he did not arrive even after 6:45, and I called him. He picked up and told politely that he had met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital and added just a scratch on his right leg. I rushed to the hospital and later he said he has to undergo surgery. Then I decided to cancel my office trip to take care of him.

You might now think, about how this relates to the above statement. But it does! Later after a week, I got pregnancy positive. It's been 6weeks since pregnant. Since I have PCOD, I have worried a lot to carry a baby. That day I felt my husband has saved 2 lives (me and my baby).

Then I realized, that I firmly believe in the phrase "Everything happens for a reason".


Now you are reading my story. In your life, you might have missed a great opportunity. You might have cried for what is not meant for you. You might have lost your very favorite person. You might have worried for false relationship. You might have gone through many struggles. You might be devastated. You might think that you are alone in this world. You might think that no one cares for you. But don't worry. Just talk to yourself and say "IT'S OKAY". This is an influential word when you say it to yourself. Your course of life is decided based on what you believe.

There is a reason for everything! Accept it with a kind smile.


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