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New Year's Brings New Understanding


As much as I’d like to pretend I know a lot, my children sure have a way with teaching me something new every day.

Understanding and absorbing what I’ve learned doesn’t always happen immediately, but when It does it’s either a

“face palm" moment or a "light bulb turned on" moment.

One is more welcome than the other, but they both result in some sort of understanding.

So, you may be asking yourself…….

What did she learn this time and is worth reading about?


What I’m about to tell you may help you or may be something you already know. Either way it will be worth it.

  • Yesterday: I was reading social media posts from friends and others on welcoming the new year of 2018. Many added that their 2017 was “crappy”, “sucky”, or summed up in some way as negative. Yet, they were excited to start a new year.
  • Today: During my shower this morning, I began sorting the various tasks and ideas racing through my mind. If your impression of me turned to “this chick is crazy”, then you’d be wrong. I tell you this so you can understand that I’m, “freaking awesome at multitasking!” Hahaha!

My own thoughts of this past year popped up in my mind and I kept trying to categorize my entire year as either good or bad. For some reason, I was only thinking of the parts of this year that I didn’t enjoy or like. By the time my shower was done, I had come to the conclusion that my year was bad.

It wasn’t until later that I realized how hypocritical I was being with that thought.

“Today is the worst day ever!!!” My daughter shouted as she was sent to her room for time-out. I gave her a few to cool down and then proceeded to enter her room to talk with her.

I asked her why she said what she did. She shrugged her shoulders and didn’t say anything.

~Split second decision was made that I needed to teach her something.~

I asked her if she had a good day before she had been sent to time-out.

She answered, yes.

Then do you think your entire day was bad?

No, she replied.

I began to explain that when people have a “bad day”, does that really mean their entire day was ALL bad or instead was it really a “bad moment” within the day?

She agreed that a moment within the day didn’t need to determine how good or bad a day was. We completed our talk and hugged before she and I both rejoined the family.


Ding, ding, ding…..there it was……. “Face Palm” moment!


One of the hardest things for me and many others is to practice what we preach. At that moment, I decided to reevaluate my previous conclusion on this past year.

Were there “bad moments” this past year? Heck YES!

Yet, there were “good moments” as well.

I cannot let the bad overcome the good. To be honest, some of the bad has also lead to some good. There is too much at stake to only dwell on the dark parts of our past.


I believe we should reflect on the past year only to acknowledge what we have learned and how it has made us a better person.

Don’t categorize it as good or bad.

Instead start this New Year off right with the understanding that we are in charge of our own happiness. Make the choice to be happy, learn, grow and strive to become a better you for you.

Enjoy the adventure this year. I know I will.


Welcome 2018!

© 2018 Candace Stanger

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