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My Advice To My 30 Year-Old Self

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Growing old is not optional. It happens. Hell, it does without us knowing. And asking what happened with the years will not help you. Acceptance is the key. Just like how your age goes, move on. Move on with your life. Age is just a number. What matters most is how you will live the remaining years you have. Will you let it pass without knowing what happened again or live the most out of it? But no one can assure you it's all happiness or play, but I can assure you that every journey and feelings are all worth it.

Start living a life. Life consists of people around you, surroundings, countries, environment, nature, pollution, traffic, job, stress, food, health, wealth. Look around you, everything you see is what consists a life. But the most important thing is feeling. Don't be afraid to be afraid. Don't be afraid to get hurt. Don't be afraid to lose. Get out of your comfort zone. Be afraid, be nervous, but show up in your best self no matter what. You may stumble, so what, you are human. You will not know everything but you are capable of learning. Don't limit yourself with the knowledge you can acquire within this vast universe, outside this universe and even within your own universe.

People come and go. But there is one worth living your life with forever. As long as you both live, 'til death do you part. You will also find a person you want to be with even after death. I believe in a soulmate. I found mine already. You will, too. God destined us with a life partner and if you find that person or have found already, don't let go. There will be a situation that is unfavorable for the both of you and when there is love there is also pain. Let love always take charge and everything will fall into place.

Don't be conscious. Free your soul, your spirit. Accept the person you turned into. Have your own rules. If you want to filter your selfie you will post on instagram, go ahead. Imagining a perfect self does not mean unacceptance of your flaws. You have flaws. No matter how hard you try, beauty will always depend on the beholder and what that beholder thinks does not matter. What everyone else thinks does not matter. What matter is what you think. About yourself, about who you are. If you think you are perfect, good. But if you think you are not, great. Accepting that we will never be perfect makes us humble. But don't be inferior to the other. Remember that God created human equally. No one will be perfect. We are equally flawed. That is fine. God loves us anyway and there will always be a person or two that love us anyway. There will always be.

If you are planning to settle, great. But if you are not, that is fine. Do things only if that will make you happy. If this is not yet the time, trust that time will come. Do not be pressured by anyone. Even by your own parents or situation. Whatever you decide to be with the remaining years of your life, you gotta work hard on that. And whatever that is, it involves being healthy - mind, body and soul, and enough money. Invest if there's an opportunity. You will lose. But you will learn along the way. Learn the right way to earn.

Travel. We are just a speck of dust in this huge universe. See it, feel it, gain from the experience. You will never feel the fulfillment in other experiences than in traveling. Celebrate humanity through travel. Celebrate differences through travel. Be in awe. But no matter how many miles you've gone to, go home. We can never have peace of mind in any other place than home. It can be a place or a person.

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