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Move On Already

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Moving on is a journey and it is something you should take personally.

Don't wait for a closure, create one.

Don't wait for a closure, create one.

Moving on isn't about forgetting someone or something. It's truly about making peace with a certain facts, and accepting things for what they truly are. Its not about waiting around for a closure because closure happens right after you accept the fact that moving on is way more important than imagining how things could have been.

Sometimes you just need to accept that not everything you lose is a loss. So if you cant do anything about it then just let it go, don't be a prisoner of things you cant change.

Don't be afraid to close some doors not because of anger or arrogance or spite but because they no longer lead anywhere. Because you can either over-analyze a situation trying to put the pieces together or you can just let go and move on.

There is no need to question every reason, we rarely ever question the the good so its time we started doing that with the bad too, just accept things for what they are and move on.

When you decide to let go, you are not losing hope, instead you are getting all the more hopeful. Trusting that what is yet to come is better than what is gone.

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