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Updated on November 28, 2018

Inspiration and motivation go hand-in-hand but there is a slight difference. Inspiration is what allows us to connect to something on an emotional and spiritual level. It represents our inner selves while motivation, on the other hand, represents our outer selves. Motivation represents our actions and is the driving force that pushes us to accomplish whatever goals we set out for ourselves. Inspiration and motivation is key to getting where you want to be in life. Inspiration is all around us but it is up to you to find what inspires you the most to do what you love. Everybody has someone or something that inspires them whether it’s their own past, someone’s else’s story, and a certain event that has transpired in their life. The same thing goes for motivation like a gym partner pushing you through a workout or someone doubting you saying you can’t do something. These are the factors in life that everybody should pay close attention to.

Many people today struggle getting the push they need. I see it often when it comes to fitness. People say timing or money is the issue they don’t go to the gym but in reality they aren’t motivated enough. I see people spend unnecessary time on stuff that isn’t important or spend money on things they don’t need. These are not good enough excuses. If you are looking to better yourself then it should be a priority and you should be able to make some time for it no otter what. I want to become that motivation for people. I’m not doing this for fame. I simply do this to help others that need it. I want somebody someday to come up to me and tell me I am the reason why they didn’t quit. I believe there’s no better feeling than making that huge of an impact on someone’s life for the better. Like I said, I’m not doing this for fame or anything. I simply want to make a difference. Motivating others to succeed is my form of motivation.

There is a reason why, for over the past few years, I have been following Dwayne Johnson closely. Not only has he been in nearly everything but he has an incredible work ethic that has helped him grow into one of the most iconic global names in entertainment history and he is nowhere near done yet. He is successful but isn’t satisfied enough where he would stop which is why he is a great role model to follow. I’m always watching him and not only when he is on film but through social media, fitness, and motivational speeches and this is what motivates me to work harder to get to that level of success. But Dwayne Johnson’s life wasn’t always perfect as he has gone through his own personal struggles in life with family, money, and struggling to just make it but all it takes is one big break which is what he found and now he is the most recognized celebrity in the world. This is what makes his story and success much more inspiring to see where he has come from and what he has gone through. It goes to show that anything is possible with the right mindset and work ethic which is why Dwayne Johnson has become my celebrity role model and I encourage those to find that person who inspires them to do the impossible.

I’m 24 years old and I may have just begun to find my niche. I’m a graduate student with a sales advising job and yet here I am looking for opportunities to break into the acting and modeling industry. I use my spare time creating ideas for future projects, looking for open castings, and doing my research on what I need work on. I do this and much more because I know what I want and where I want to be and I am willing to work for it. That is my MOTIVATION. As Dwayne Johnson would say, “There’s no substitute for hard work. Always be humble and hungry.”

I’m only just getting started and begun working on small projects for the time being but there is so much to learn. No matter how good you are in any field, there’s always something for you to learn and get better at. I try to better myself by taking advice from people who have experience and the right mindset and I even tend make mistakes on purpose to learn from it. We all love being perfectionists but there is no such thing as perfect. But what we can do is try our very best to create our own perfect scenarios to very best of our abilities.

I never would of thought about a serious career in acting and modeling a few years ago but now I have and I’m going for it. People have told me that I’m crazy, that it’s not for me, and that it won’t work but I’m here to prove those wrong and I’m going to let that be my motivation. My inspiration is to to help others in anyway possible. I’ve always been one to help those in need and hope to serve as an inspiration to others and motivate them anyway I can.

It’s my turn to inspire and to motivate. What I’m trying to say here is that you need to find anything that can inspire or motivate you. So get your ass off the couch and go make some moves. As Dwayne Johnson has said before, “When you walk up to opportunity’s door, don’t knock it. Kick that bitch in, smile, and introduce yourself.” I’ll gladly introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I’m here to make a difference. Will you do the same?

Time to go to work! Just remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!

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