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Random musings from the heart, inspired by philosophers past, and present. The power of being present, can transform lives. Deb M.

Mindfulness, is almost a lost art in today's world of overwhelming technology and helpful gadgets. It is more like MIND-FULL-NESS.

How do we escape the everyday grind of doing-ness? From the time our eyes flutter open to reveal a new day has begun, til the time our weary head once again feels the soft and welcoming pillow at the end of the day, our mind is cluttered with thoughts. This has to be done before heading off to work, and that has to be collected or sorted before we come home from work.

Our mind is so full of stuff that rarely do we take time out of it. Rarely do we take time to just get out of our mind, and into the present. You know, I once saw a picture of a man and is dog. The picture showed the man's thinking bubble and the dogs thinking bubble. The dog's bubble was so simple. A nice juicy bone. The man's thinking bubble was awash with stuff to do. I know how I would prefer to see my thinking bubble. Not as a dog would, but something very similar.

Transform your mind... be in the moment. The caterpillar knew what it wanted to be. The butterfly was waiting to be born.


Power in the Moment

Anyway, as things often do for me, one thought led to another and it brought me to thinking about Jesus and the Buddha and other spiritual leaders, and how they were able to remove themselves from society, their family and friends, and just be alone, without the incessant thoughts that bound them to the reality of life.

I am constantly thinking about this. I do not deny Jesus and the Buddha were great people and positive inspirations for humanity. It is just that it is not that simple. To disappear from the world as they did, is to deny ones obligations. Think about it. Could you, or would you, just leave everything, and go away for a length of time to 'find' yourself, and return with divine inspiration. Would it be that simple? Could it be that simple? Do you believe that, even with careful planning, you could do this?

There is a way to do it without actually removing yourself from the stage that is your life. But it takes commitment and discipline and just a few minutes a day will be enough to begin. In meditation, you can escape form the mind-full-ness of your life, and become mindful again. During this time of meditation, if you like, you can ask questions, and as you meditate, just let the answer come.

Believe me, I've asked questions, many questions, and many answers have come as I meditate. I've read lots of books too. My love of reading led me to books that have definitely helped with my self-development. Books by Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now, Neale Donald Walsch Conversations with God, and Deepak Chopra, Jesus and Buddha. I highly recommend these books, in particular The Power of Now, if you get the chance. At the moment, I am reading a book, courtesy of my son, who himself is going through stuff that requires a present, and focused mind. The book is called, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. In his book, Mark "cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be "positive" all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people."

The Power of Now

Is it Possible to be Positive All the Time?

I am a positive person by nature but there are times when I just want to get away from it all. I'm sure we have all thought that to move to a deserted island, would ease our woes. Reality bites though doesn't it?

So what is the trick to coping when you mind is full of stuff? How do we receive, and act upon our own divine inspiration?

Mind-full-ness is like the man in the man and dog story above. Being so totally full in the mind that there is little room for divine inspiration to be of any use, is how most people live today. I have to remind, that is, re-mind, myself quite often, to get out of my head and just do, instead of constantly thinking. Maybe that's why I write a lot.

The art of mindfulness has eluded us because we have so much going on. But when you take the opportunity for just half an hour a day, to walk, or sit and watch the world go by, then you will bring the art of mindfulness back to your life. It is not a new thing. You were mindful when you were a child. You know, when you laughed at the feeling in your belly as the swing went up, then down again. Or when you learned how to ride your bike, after hours of trying and scores of scraped knees and elbows. Or when you ran into the waves at the beach for the first time and tried to race them back to the shore. You were mindful as a child because you were present.

The trick then, is to be present in the doing-ness of it all. Let the thoughts come, then train them to be about what you are doing in the present moment. Use technology to help you when a sudden thought comes to mind that needs to be attended to in the future. I LOVE using Google for this. I say to my very smart phone... "ok Google... take a note, or remind me to, or add to calendar on this day." It works a treat. Especially when driving. During my drive to work, I call family, or draft my next idea and with the tools Google have at my disposal, I am able to free my mind of 'stuff' and concentrate on work while I am there.

I Am the Positive and the Negative

I do not pretend to be an expert in anything. I am just another person trying to cope with life and what the 'universe' has to offer. I am happy to be here in this moment. I am positive, and I am also negative. I am, that I can accept there will be some negatives in my life, and that I will become mind-full over them. But if I accept the negative, I can turn them into a positive, by being mindful. So the next time you are mind-full... try meditating and being mindful. Use the tools that our modern age provides. Above all, be present in everything you do.

Love, hugs and butterflies.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

© 2018 Butterfly Soul Whispers

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