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Dream Big and Change Direction for Greater Results


Refocusing and changing direction

Sometimes we get frozen at certain times in our lives, through difficult circumstances or a lack of energy and inspiration. Nothing is cast in stone and we can pick ourselves up with a switch of attitude and direction.

Climb Higher In Your Expectations


Never Give Up On Your Dreams

When your dreams are like frozen streams, that flow no more and your heart has grown weary. Remember that the summer will come again and those streams that were frozen in time, will again rush with love and opportunity!

Pick up the dreams, that lay motionless, waiting for the sun. Trust God until the dream appears, over the horizon and fills your heart, with new enthusiasm!

Sometimes just before a breakthrough, there is a moment of absolute disappointment. Use this as encouragement to wait, just a little longer for your sailing ship to appear with fluttering sails, over the horizon and into the harbour of your life!

Never stop to dream, but pick yourself up and step by step, little by little, reach that place that you left behind through lack of faith and hope!

Be strong, yes, be strong.

For your time will come!


Be Determined

Dreams can only be realised, if you are sure that the reason that you want to achieve them, is strong enough. If what we want to achieve, is a burning passion inside our heart, we will forge forward, no matter what !


Try Your Best Not To Give Up

Even if you feel that the waves of circumstance, are breaking over your head and pushing you downwards,wait and trust God, to lift you up out of your pressing and seemingly insurmountable problems.

Wait until you are given your own space, of sunshine and shade, under your own tree! Everyone has a place in God's heart and His unconditional love embraces us all. We need to experience His love and desire, to draw close to His heart and presence.

So when you feel like the blazing sun has dried you out and you are feeling the rejection of others, just give God a chance to reveal Himself to you and His everlasting arms, of love and compassion. Father's heart will flood your very being, with new hope and self acceptance and give you a purpose and vision.

Remember never to give in to depression and anxiety. There is hope out there!

Every Day Promises New Beginnings


Keep To Your PLan

Keep on Keeping On


Be Strong When The Going Gets Tough

  • 7 Steps to Keep Your Faith in Hard Times
    You can move through tough times with God's grace, knowledge of his love, and the determination to fight life through with faith in him. Find peace in the storm, grow, and bounce back from adversity.

Sail Towards Your Dreams


When You Feel Like A Frozen Lake

When your emotions feel drained and your heart feels heavy and people who you love are treating you unfairly, keep on keeping on and do not give up.

You feel frozen over and without feeling, from pain and heartache. Remember that this season in your life will pass and summer will start melting the icicles around your heart and mind. Just never give up on God, because He loves us better than a mother or a brother.

Soon you will feel the sunshine on your face again and you will dance, in the sunny glade. of Gods Love and grace.

There is no other love that will satisfy us, like His powerful all eternal life changing Light!

Be strong and lift your chin heavenwards and give yourself hope, just do not stop for too long!

Upwards and onward is our motto!

Beautiful Inspiration

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The Spring Will Come And Melt The Ice


Never Give In To Negativity Just Before The Finish Line

When your shoes are too small and you are feeling down in the dumps, remember that a promise of a new day, is always beyond the horizon and ready to become a reality.

Sometimes the darkest hour is just before dawn, so do not ever give up on all your dreams. I have seen this phenomenon many times, when all things that we had planned, turned pear shaped. Just never give in a few paces from the finish line!

Sometimes just before a breakthrough, there is a moment of absolute disappointment. Use this as encouragement to wait, just a little longer for your sailing ship to appear with fluttering sails, over the horizon and into the harbour of your life!

Rose Art To Inspire You


God Rejoices Over You

  • God Rejoices Over You
    What an incredible experience I had of God breaking through my sorrow and despair and comforting me and hope by rejoicing and singing over me with His love. He offers this to those that seek Him.

Do you accept the inevitable?

Keep On Dreaming


© 2020 Diana Carol Abrahamson

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