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Meaningful Prayers

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Prayer for Unity

United be our purpose; harmonious be our feelings; collected be our minds; just as the various aspects of the universe exist in togetherness and wholeness.

Prayer for Inspiration

Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions.

Prayer for Universal Peace

O GOD! May the skies give us peace. May space bring peace. May the earth give us peace. May the waters give peace. May herbs and plants give us peace. May all of the beings of the earth bring us peace. May the deities bestow peace. May all of creation bring us peace. May peace prevail throughout the universe.

Prayer for Total Devotion

My body. My speech. My mind. All of my senses. Even my intellect and innate habits. All of them, I offer to you, O GOD!

Prayer for GOD-centric Lifestyle

O GOD! May our minds never stray away from you. O beloved of all devotees! We offer our prayers to you, over and over again.

Prayer for Purity

May our ears hear only that which is auspicious. May our eyes see only that which is good. May we be prayerful in life, with steady mind and body. May we offer our life, as allotted by GOD, in the service of GOD.

Prayer for the Good of All

O GOD! Do good to all.

Prayer for Strength

O GOD! You are the source of light. Make me lustrous. You are the source of courage. Make me courageous. You are the source of strength. Make me strong. You are the source of brilliance. Make me intelligent. You are the source of valor. Make me valiant. You are the source of bravery. Make me brave.

Prayer for Unity

May GOD protect us. May we eat together. May we work together, with energy and vigor. May our studies be enlightening. May we never quarrel with each other. Peace, Peace, Peace!

Prayer for Prosperity & Happiness

O GOD! By your devotion, our sins have been destroyed; our miseries are gone, our poverty is no more. By your blessing, we have attained peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Prayer for Protection

For me there is no other refuge but you. So, out of total compassion, O GOD, protect me.

Prayer for Forgiveness

O GOD! I have faltered thousands of times, day and night. Accepting me as your humble servant, kindly grant me forgiveness.

Prayer for Eternal Life

O GOD! Lead me from illusion to truth. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to eternal life.

Prayer for Happiness for All

May all be happy. May all be healthy. May all experience that which is good. May there be no suffering.