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Updated on March 28, 2018

We as humans have a tendancy of thinking that everything is simple and clean cut. We want simple answers, we want the easy way. In a nutshell, we want simplicity. If you look at people you'll notice that people usually tend to take the easy to understand route. Because of the nature of the ego, we tend to stay in our comfort zone, and not venture much outside of it, anything that seems difficult to understand we tend to stay away from, or in some cases, demonize it. This is why many conflicts occur, due to a lack of understanding, conflicts between people, and conflicts within the self.
But what if I told you there's a different route? What if I told you that success wasn't as simple and clean cut as one might think?
If you look deeper into how people interract with eachother and psychology, you'll notice certain trends when it comes to the proccess of things.
What if I told you that everything, potentially, is manipulation? We use it in social interactions, we use it in our daily lives, we use it on ourselves.
In this article I will be going into greater detail on how manipulation works and how to manipulate yourself into reaching the levels of success that you desire.
First of all, I'm going to discuss how we manipulate other people, without realizing it, to get things out of them.
Even from an early age, we as children use emotional manipulation. We manipulate our parents, peers, and other people in our lives.
Do you remember waiting until mom was in a good mood to ask for candy? Do you remember not asking dad to take you for ice cream when he's had a bad day of school? From an early age, we start to notice certain patterns in human psychology, we recognize that people are less likely to do something for us when they're in a bad mood, so, we strategize when we ask for something.
The same thing occurs in ourselves, we're less likely to do something good for ourselves when we're feeling down in the dumps, but we're more likely to do self-elevating things when we're happy, or at least content.
This is why very depressed people rarely overcome their issues and low quality lifestyle, because they are constantly in an emotional low, and they fail to take advantage of themselves when they're at a personal high. Part of success is taking advantage of yourself in general, but also taking advantage of yourself when you're feeling good.
It is those who take advantage of these emotional highs, that cease the moment, who become successful.
Also, recognizing that once we push through the negative feelings, that following our purpose will put us in a good mood will help us get further in life and be able to break through and disciplate emotional lows.
This can also be used in business relationships, a person is less likely to take risks or investments when they're in a bad mood. People are more adventurous and spontaneous when they're in an emotional high.
If you can carefully strategize when you try new things or do things that will elevate you, you can succeed in life.

Have you ever noticed that when you're down in the dumps, or having anxiety, your body language and body posture is different from that when you're confident, and happy? That is because body tendencies are associated with emotional levels. This is why when you feel confident you walk with your back straight and your chest out.
Yes, I'm gonna go there, fake it till you make it. If you fake body posture and body language, you will eventually start to feel the emotions associated with that particular motion or position of the body.
Puffing your chest out with your back flat, you will begin to feel more confident, and your emotions will associate themselves with the body posture.
We think of emotions as a mental thing, but in reality, they're a physical thing. Anxiety is an example of this. Logic and reason cannot cure anxiety, it has to be cured by going to the core, the physical side of things.
Becoming aware of your body is extremely important. If you're not aware of the body language associated with the emotion, you will be a slave to your emotions, and you will not have emotional mastery. Become aware of what posture or body language is affilliated with a certain emotion.
When you're walking down the street, remember to walk as though you were confident, even if you're not, and your body will adjust, your emotions will be set to the associated body posture and body language.
Be careful, for your body will take over and adjust your emotions in suble ways, it is important to pay attention to your body and how you're feeling in response to your body.

Truth exists within. We're taught in society that truth exists externally, but that's not the case. If you look within yourself, you will find truth.
If you tell yourself something enough times, eventually you will start to believe it, and you will then act on your beliefs. Actions are based off of beliefs.
If you tell yourself and tell yourself that you're a confident person enough times, eventually your emotions will catch on, and you will adjust to that emotional level, and you will become more confident.
Sometimes telling yourself things simply as they are can be harmful, because that will keep things the same, and if you're having a hard time, you don't want to keep things the same.
Instead, you want to make things different. You must tell yourself different things in order to become different.
This is where the comfort zone can cause problems, the ego wants to stay with that it believes to be true, it wants familiarity. The ego wants to stay where it is.
Getting in touch with your higher self means to embrace things that are not familiar, to go into uncharted territory.
Repitition is key to rewiring the way you think. Yes, if you're poor, I'm telling you to tell yourself that you're rich, do this repetitively and you will start to notice yourself acting differently and having a higher frequency, thus, you will attract more opportunities to you, I know this from personal experience.
Tell yourself whatever it is you want to experience, and you will attract it, but don't forget the factor of putting work into things.
Instead of saying "no, I can't" say "yes I can", even if you think you can't do something.

Manipulating your emotions is an important key to reaching the levels of success that you want to reach. Before I told you how to jump on emotional opportunities, but now, I'm going to tell you how to manipulate your own emotions!
Emotions dictate nearly everything in our lives. They dictate when we eat, when we sleep, when we do activities, when we take risks. Nearly everything we do and involve ourselves with involves emotion.
If you think that logic and reason can get things done, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, your logic and reason is originated from your emotions. First an emotion takes place, then, we use logic to justify our emotional stances on matters.
Logic often becomes the excuse for not doing things, and excuses for things in general. We do this subconsciously.
For example, if you're pro life, like me, logic doesn't determine your decision on the matter. You don't want unborn babies to die, due to empathy.
We look at emotions as a mental thing, as an internal thing. But I'm here to tell you that they are a physical thing.
Before I told you how tomanipulate your body for things like feeling confident, but now, I'm going to tell you more advanced techniques in regards to changing your everytday emotions, like the emotions you feel when you're sitting at home, or going throughout everyday life.
There's a certain emotion affiliated with a certain action or event. There's an emotion affiliated with a song you listen to, there's an emotion affiliated with the street you walk on, there's even an emotion affiliated with certain words and even numbers! There's certain emotions affiliated with sounds you hear. These things can differ depending on who experiences them.
If you get a negative emotion walking down a certain street, don't walk down it, do whatever it takes to put you in higher emotional levels. But remember, you may have experienced something bad or have had a bad day when walking down that street, or the energy of that street or the structure of the buildings on the street may make you feel uncomfortable.
If you walk down the streets that make you feel good emotionally, your emotional level will continue to increase in a positive manner.
One thing I will mention, don't eat the same food all the time, eventually you will get sick of it subconsciously and start to feel negative emotions in regards to that food.
Doing the same thing repetitively can cause depression, and being in the same place all the time can too. It's important to try other and new things and go to other and new places. This keeps your brain stimulated and excited. When you go long periords of time without being excited or stimulated you will become more and more depressed, you need stimulation to feel good emotionally. Stimulation isn't discussed enough as a crucial emotion, but stimulation is one of the most important emotions that we have. Stimulation keeps us entertained, and if we're not being etertained, we will get bored. Excessive boredom causes depression.
But also be aware of why you feel the emotion affilated with a certain thing, you don't want to be a slave to your emotions, but you want to be able to understand and feel your emotions.
Don't get too addicted to constant stimulation, however. Getting addicted to stimulation can cause you to become emotionally unstable when you're not constantly being entertained.
Do things and go certain places and experience things that raise your emotional level, and you will start to feel improvements, I did.

Focus is crucial for success. The more you focus on something, the more you will attract it. However, don't forget the factor of working for something.
If you don't focus on something, you won't attract it, therefore, you will not be at a good emotional level if you're not living in alightnment with your values.
The things you want in life are values, and the more you focus on them, the more they will become crucial for your happiness. When you rely on something for your happiness, you will persue it excessively. This can be a good or bad thing, but I'm saying this can potentially be a good thing if you focus on what you want.
Focus on something, and let it be the fuel that drives you.

Belief is potentially the most powerful tool when it comes to changing your life. If you don't believe something is possible, you won't persue it, and when you don't persue things, you don't recieve them.
Changing your beliefs is very hard, it requires looking deep within yourself and questioning the very things you believe. Also remember to not be consumed by your beliefs.

Remember to take all of these things I told you in moderation, if you excessively use them, they may consume you, and you may become a slave to your emotions and a slave to these techniques, it is important to keep your freedom.

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