Magnificient Love and Why It's Worth It!

Updated on February 23, 2018

In this very relevant and obscure journey of purposeless aging, where we strive to be better than we were yesterday, and to be better than everyone around us, or simply to be, some of us fortunate enough encounter this beautiful but abstract and indescribable feeling of love.

As beautiful as this word sounds, all the more dangerous are its cause and effects.

Love has created a bloody trail to be splattered across the pages of mortal history. But unfortunately, the more modernized, globalized we become, the lesser is this supreme emotion's worth to all of us. We, the unfathomably unimportant speck of dust we are, call ourselves human beings. It has been said by one of us, that love is the language of the universe. It transcends beings, dimensions, speaks across galaxies, multitudes of the far-fetched cosmos that we quite possibly can never hope to comprehend.

"Don't fear the dead, Harry. Fear the living, and above all, those who live without love!" ~ Albus Dumbledore

And yet, some of us exploit this strongest of the gift of emotions we possess. We scatter "I love you's" like grains of rice being fed to fat doves; like drops of rain falling on moist lands; like polishing a shoe fresh off the shelf. We fail to internalize the emotion that have united rulers and divided nations. We gaze longingly at bodily attractions, artsy words strung together in a way that pleases the eye; we allow their pen to be mightier than what is supposed to matter - their sword.

We do all of these, when the only kind of love we should be chasing, is where the cups of our coffees get cold over the conversations we have over the ages as our personal pronouns melt into an "us".

It has also been said by one of us, that this kind of love happens to a being only once in their lifetime. Stories are penned, plays are narrated, movies are reeled on celluloid, and humans wonder. They wonder as to how beautiful it would be to feel love as true as it gets. To be in that one, special and true love with someone, just once in their lifetime. And today, another one of us - me - says that everyone goes through that.


Just once, in their entire life. Every flick before, and after, no matter how many words exchanged, kisses felt, warmth experienced, promises made, none match up to that one single butterfly that flutters around in one minuscule corner of their stomach, that the person in reference would bring. With them, it's different.

Perhaps, the modernized generation of ours would relate, if someone would say, that the thrill of the chase lasts a lifetime. Heck, even petty, virtual means of communication devised by humans begin to seem special. We begin to see bits and pieces of them in every instant of this purposeless aging that we didn't choose to be a part of.

That, is when we realize why all those wars were fought for, how all those invaluable expressions of human creativity converge towards this one worthy gift that we possess, and possess for all the right reasons. That reason is worth fighting for. That reason is why heroes like Romeo and Snape died for. That reason is incomparable. That reason is.


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    © 2018 Sayan Chatterjee


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      • Invadazoid profile imageAUTHOR

        Sayan Chatterjee 

        11 months ago from Kolkata, India

        Glad you liked my musings!

        More coming up. Spread the word, and stay tuned. :)

      • nikkikhan10 profile image

        Nikki Khan 

        11 months ago from London

        Great inspiration,, keep it up.


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