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Love Your Kids by Loving Yourself First.

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Love yourself first then teach them to love.

Yesterday I had a moment. Before I tell you what it was let me start off with this.

We all know that we are the most self-critical creatures in this world. Although we may have opinions on others and their characters, we typically don’t give a crap. Which is great seeing that we constantly try to teach body positivity to everyone while secretly loathing ourselves.

What happens when it comes to our children? Is it the industry that sets these unattainable standards? Or how about the Instagram, snapchat, & Facebook filters? All the things that hide the blemishes on our face? Or the surgeries we can get to hide our born flaws?

No my friends, our children doesn’t get it from the media. They get it from us. You unfortunately are one of the reasons why your child is insecure. Before you get angry with me, hear me out.

My moment yesterday was this. As my daughter played in her room I was in our hallway mirror picking out the flaws on my face, plucking hairs, popping whiteheads. (All the gross things girls do, but won’t admit too) My daughter saw me, I didn’t see her. She grabbed her purple chair set it beside me and stood on it to look in the mirror. I still hadn’t really noticed what she was actually doing. I finally looked down and saw she too was picking at her face. Her perfect, angelic, adorable face. The face I fell in love with the first time I saw it. She’s never taken a bad picture, she’s never been not cute. She was just copying me.

I just stopped and looked at her and immediately got down to her face and said no baby, let’s give you a kiss. I kissed the mirror and told her to do the same. “Give lovens to your self baby.” I realized that my daughter watches me, but how intently I guess I didn’t catch on until now. I have extra skin from being a mom, and my daughter doesn’t even notice it. I get pimples and unwanted hairs and my daughter has never seen it, she just sees mom.

Our children are carbon copies of ourselves. What we do they will do, what we believe they will also believe. Ever notice when you’re having a bad day, so do they? They watch us to learn about the world. Every day I am in the gym, my daughter is with me some of the time and when she is here we move constantly. We work, we play and, we workout. I’m telling you the cutest thing is watching a 24# 2 year old trying to start the clock for the members. I laugh and say “I don’t know where she gets this stuff”.

Well, she gets it from me…….

So in all the midst of this, I guess what I’m saying is teach your kids to always love themselves, always be kind to others, and practice what you preach. Teach them it’s ok to have flaws but it’s not ok to hate yourself for them. Love yourself and they will love themselves too.

Let your children catch you in the middle of excellence.

© 2017 Jo Rose

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