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30 Love Quotes in God's Own Words

MsDora, a former teacher and Christian counselor, is an avid Bible student and loves to compile user-friendly Bible quotes by topic.

"God's Own Words" in the title of this article refers to quotes that are spoken by God in the first person, and addressed to a specific individual or group. They are not descriptions or explanations, but personal expressions of love which the listener (or reader) can safely paraphrase into "I love you."

 Everlasting love. ―Jeremiah 31: 3 (Free Wallpaper)

Everlasting love. ―Jeremiah 31: 3 (Free Wallpaper)

Although the Book of Isaiah contains messages of rebuke and judgment for a rebellious nation, it contains some of the most comforting love messages from God. It is a sample of His continual, unconditional love in action when people repent and accept His forgiveness. If at any point in the book, today's readers become discouraged by the threat of God's punishment, just reading a little further will bring them to sweet promises of His love.

In the New Testament, Jesus makes it clear that His words are words which the Father wants Him to speak; therefore His expressions are included as God's expressions.

Feel loved as you read these thirty love quotes which God Himself speaks to you when they are appropriate for your situation. They are extracted from the New Living Translation unless another version is mentioned.

Spoken by God Himself

as in "God said" through prophets or angels

I am with you. ―Isaiah 41:10 (Free Wallpaper)

I am with you. ―Isaiah 41:10 (Free Wallpaper)

In the Book of Isaiah

1. Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. ―Isaiah 43:1

2. I gave Egypt as a ransom for your freedom . . . because you are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you. ―Isaiah 43: 3, 4

3. I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your children. They will thrive like watered grass, like willows on a riverbank. ―Isaiah 44: 3, 4

4. I, the Lord, made you, and I will not forget you. I have swept away your sins like a cloud. I have scattered your offenses like the morning mist. Oh, return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free. ―Isaiah 44: 21, 22

5. I have cared for you since you were born. Yes, I carried you before you were born. I will be your God throughout your lifetime—until your hair is white with age. ―Isaiah 46: 3, 4

6. Can a mother forget her nursing child? . . . But even if that were possible, I would not forget you! ―Isaiah 49:15

7. For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children. ―Isaiah 49:25

8. In a burst of anger I turned my face away for a little while. But with everlasting love I will have compassion on you. ―Isaiah 54:8

9. For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain. ―Isaiah 54:10

10. As surely as my new heavens and earth will remain, so will you always be my people. ―Isaiah 66:22

In Other Bible Books

11. But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands. ―Exodus 20:6

12. I am slow to anger and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. ―Exodus 34:6

13. I looked forward to your calling me "Father," and I wanted you never to turn from me. ―Jeremiah 3:19

14. I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. ―Jeremiah 31:3

15. Is not Israel still my son, my darling child? . . . I often have to punish him, but I still love him. ―Jeremiah 31:20

16. I am giving you a promise now while the seed is still in the barn. You have not yet harvested your grain . . . But from this day onward I will bless you. ―Haggai 2:19

17. Those who were not my people, I will now call my people. And I will love those whom I did not love before. ―Romans 9:25

18. I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. ―Hebrews 13:5

19. Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline. ―Revelation 3:19

20. Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. ―Revelation 3:20

Spoken by Jesus

From the Father who sent me. ―John 14:24

21. Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. ―Matthew 11:28

22. Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! ―Mark 10:14

23. The very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid. ―Luke 12:7

God feeds them. You are far more valuable. ―Luke 12:24 (Photo by Piotr Siedlecki)

God feeds them. You are far more valuable. ―Luke 12:24 (Photo by Piotr Siedlecki)

24. I tell you not to worry about everyday life. Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds! ―Luke 12:22, 24

25.Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?. . . Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more. ―John 8: 10, 12 (New King James Version)

26. So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. ―John 13:34

27. When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. ―John 14:3

28. Remember what I told you: I am going away, but I will come back to you again. ―John 14:28

29. Remain in me, and I will remain in you. ―John 15:4

30. You didn’t choose me. I chose you. ―John 15:16


For I know the plans I have for you . . . They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. ―Jeremiah 29:11

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Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 05, 2018:

Thanks, Margie. The realization and acceptance of God's love makes all the difference in the direction our lives take.

Margie's Southern Kitchen from the USA on April 04, 2018:

God is love! Beautiful reminded of God's love for His people. He cares about our every need. Thanks Dora I am so thankful I know how much I am loved by God! Awesome hub!

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on June 03, 2017:

Janelle, thanks for the suggestions. I agree that they might even come across more powerfully when there is input from a gorup in fellowship.

Ruth Aquila on June 02, 2017:

This is such a beautiful hub. Thanks for compiling all these amazing scriptures on God's love. This is great for a studying with loved ones and group settings.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on May 11, 2017:

Tamara, be encouraged. God's Word is alive and speak to us the very blessing we need. So happy that this compilation is useful to you.

Tamara Moore on May 11, 2017:

I wanted to come by and look at this beautiful post of yours, again, MsDora. I needed some encouraging words, today, and your post gave me them, through The Lord's Blessings. It truly is lovely.



Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on May 04, 2017:

Thanks Audrey. I think it was Billy Graham who said that the most significant truth in all the world is that "God loves me." His love is truly empowering.

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on May 03, 2017:

I learn something new each time I read sections of the bible. I love these 30 quotes. I especially like John:24. "Do not fear for I am with you!" How powerful - how comforting. God's love is free. What an eternal love this is!

I so appreciate the effort you've put into compiling this wonderful article. God bless you Dear Dora.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 26, 2017:

Lawrence, it made me happy to know that at least one verse spoke to you. God's words are really alive.

Lawrence Hebb on April 22, 2017:

My favourite is the last one on your list.

First time I read it God was saying it directly to me!



Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 17, 2017:

Thank you, Bill. I feel the same way. These verses are all-embracing when read together. The love seems more potent.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 17, 2017:

Papee, God's love is an interesting topic; they are also life-affirming and inclusive of everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on April 17, 2017:

Hi Dora,

I've probably read most of these verses at one time or another, but when you put them together as you did, it makes such an impact. I appreciate the time and effort involved here, and the end result is a blessing for us.Thanks so much.

Papeeebooks on April 16, 2017:

Very interesting article!

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 07, 2017:

Mona, thanks for your input. Happy to compile the list and happier that you enjoy it. Yes, God loves us so much and we are better off remembering that every minute of the day. Thanks for your input.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on April 07, 2017:

This is a beautiful list. We are so lucky to have a God who loves us so much, even to send Jesus to die for us, so that we can be with God in heaven. Our faith is so special, and our God is so good:). Thank you for this list, Ms. Dora.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 02, 2017:

Ireno, be sure to get your rest when you need it. Get the physical as well as the mental and spiritual God offers. Great hearing from you.

Ireno Alcala from Bicol, Philippines on April 01, 2017:

Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. - Matthew 11:28....this is all I need right now. With all the radio works I'm 'in' these days (as drama talent, my first -ever job) .

Thank you for this, Ms. D! Keep spreading the 'LOVE". :)

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on April 01, 2017:

Nithya, there's nothing more precious than God's love. So glad that you recognize it's value. Your comment is encouraging.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on March 31, 2017:

Thank you, Ms. Dora, for this wonderful compilation of quotes. A great reminder that God loves us unconditionally and will always be there for us.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 31, 2017:

Thelma, it makes me happy to know that you found inspiration in these quotes. Yes, God's words are beautiful, kind, loving and comforting. His blessings on you too.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on March 31, 2017:

What beautiful love quotes you have here. Thank you very much for these inspiring words Dora. God bless you.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 30, 2017:

Tamara, I am encouraged that you are inspired. I have read them a few times myself since posting them. Feeling loved sure makes the day better. Thanks for your comment.

Tamara Moore on March 30, 2017:

Thank you for this lovely post you have presented. It is so beautiful and inspiring! It is a blessing to have seen this, today :-)



Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 29, 2017:

Devika, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I do have a way with compiling what other people say, especially if they impress me. You can tell that these love quotes from God as reported in the Bible mean much to me.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 29, 2017:

Wow! You have a way with such great words too. So perfect and true!!

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 27, 2017:

Venkatachari, "balm on wounded souls" is true for me also. God's expressions of love calms our fears and anxieties. They do bring healing. Thank you.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 27, 2017:

Flourish, to the believer, everything about God is lovely--even His words. Thanks for your feedback.

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on March 26, 2017:

Beautiful and soothing quotes of God. You have selected the niche of them. They are like balm on wounded souls. Thanks, Dora, for sharing these wonderful quotes.

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 26, 2017:

This was lovely MsDora.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Manatita, we just can't let go of our past. It made us who we are, and we are privileged to have been given a foundation that helps us appreciate God's love. Yes, I join you in flying that banner.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Denise, I also love the verse to which you refer. God expresses His love in so many refreshing imageries. Thanks for reminding me of that one.

Denise W Anderson from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 26, 2017:

I love the scripture in Isaiah 58:11 that is similar to 44:3-4 where it says that we will be like a "watered garden" when we are guided by the Lord. Having Him say it in first person, however, makes it that much more effective!

manatita44 from london on March 26, 2017:

Another inspirational hub. You and I, Dee, let us continue to fly the banner of Love, proclaiming His goodness and His mercy for all.

Billy Graham was inspirational!

We grew up with them Dee. GARNER T, HERBERT W and Billy. Powerful evangelists!

A most wonderful hub!

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Michael, I always love the insights you share. To think that some miss out on the awareness of God's love, because they are not aware of their need! Such a tragedy. I appreciate your comment.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Bill, I also feel the calm and inspiration that comes with reading God's love notes. Your comment adds to that inspiration.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Eric, same here with new blessings every time I read Scripture passages. Thanks for your kind words.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Maria, it's great reading these love notes through by myself. But I know it will be special reading them through with your spouse. God's blessings on you both!

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on March 26, 2017:

Mary, "Like a calming blanket." I like that. I have read them through a few times myself. God's love is amazing. Thanks for your input.

Mary Wickison from Brazil on March 26, 2017:

I was moved by this. It is like a calming blanket wrapped around my shoulders protecting me.

Sometimes it is easy to think we are alone in this world, when in fact, He is always with us.

This was just what I needed to read today, thank you.

MariaInes from Bogota on March 26, 2017:

Thank you, Ms. Dora. I will print them and read them with my husband today. God's words are so comforting!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on March 26, 2017:

Thank you Dora for a wonderful morning read. You do such a great job of compiling passages. It never ceases to amaze me how every time I read the Bible I get more and different out of it. You are a blessing to all who know you.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 26, 2017:

My favorite topic. How could I not love this hub? Thank you once again for the inspiration and feeling of calm that comes over me every time I read one of your hubs.

Michael-Milec on March 26, 2017:

A bold hypothesis reaching world with a 'need' when a world does not even know its need, "LOVE."

A very precious summary of what the Creator God is from the beginning of all creation: LOVE. His nature is love , His promises are yes and Amen, demonstrated in deeds and acts before even words were spoken - simple before there was anyone to speak to and to communicate with. To His own pleasure He has created all, including His own man - us . His love is demonstrated in all circumstances of our life. Best seen in His GIVING the only begotten Son so that everyone who is trusting Him and accepts Him by mere believing The Word in flesh will have life and more abundantly as long as ages last. It begins with loving ourselves; men everywhere need love themselves because LOVE is sustaining us in life with the Creator and His life manifests where ever His children live and work and " In Him we have our being".

May the Lord bless you.

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