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Intuition: One of our Most Effective Weapons is Perhaps the Least Utilized.

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Intuition is One of the Most Effective Weapons in the Human Arsenal, and one of the Least Recognized

One of the most effective weapons in the human arsenal is intuition, our basic instincts; however it is often the least relied on in times of danger, and when exigent decisions are required. I believe this is true, often to our detriment.

This is not to say that the usual weapons don't have a place; it's simply saying, let's not ignore one of the most effective weapons at our disposal ... the one that's God given.

Recently, I received an email from a friend that was a list of safety tips especially aimed at women. I, in turn passed the list on to additional friends. In my preface to the list, I added my own tip by saying, "Don't let your intellect block your instincts." In short, don't talk yourself out of something you feel; don't ignore your intuition.

That admonition started me thinking about the importance of intuition or instincts, and how little attention we pay to them. Unless we've been in a situation where our instincts irrefutably saved us from something horrific, or prevented us from making a really big mistake, we rarely even think about the role it plays, or should play in our lives.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is comprehension without effort of reasoning. Instinctive knowledge. The state of being aware of, or knowing something without having to discover or perceive this.

Which means, intuition doesn't come about as the result of any particular processes ... it just is. It's not something that makes you think, as much perhaps as it's something that makes you act. Not that thinking isn't involved ... after all, intuition may direct us to think a certain way about something, which in turn, leads us to either act, or not.

So, intuition often involves thinking as well as feeling, but feeling comes first. The thinking is only triggered if we pay attention to what we're feeling.


Intuition as a Deterrent to Crime

I believe there is more discussion of intuition today because of the increase of crime in modern society. There are many books written on the subject, such as Gavin De Becker's, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence.

In an excerpt from the book, De Becker tells the true story of a young woman who allows a nice looking, friendly young man to help carry some heavy bags of groceries to her apartment door. Once at the door, he insists on taking them on inside for her. Against her better judgement (and instincts), she allows him to come inside.

Three hours later, after raping the young woman, the predator assures her that he isn't going to hurt her, tells her to stay where she is, and goes into the kitchen.

The woman's instincts are telling her something different; somehow she feels he has gone in search of a weapon and plans to use it on her. Snatching a sheet off the bed to cover herself, she stealthily makes her way through the house and out of the door to go and find help.

Later, she would learn that her attacker had indeed previously murdered his victims, so the instincts that led to disobeying him were absolutely correct, and saved her life.


Intuition as Divine Direction

One of the reasons I feel intuition is so important is because I believe it is divine. Our Father is trying to guide and help us with small and large events in our lives, and sometimes in the lives of those around us; if only we would slow down and listen. He is speaking to us through our feelings.

When looking back on my own life, I can honestly say, if I had paid attention and actually followed my intuition in certain situations, I would have made some different, and better choices along the way.

Luckily for me, I had some experiences early on where intuition literally saved my butt, which got my attention. As a result, I learned to listen when my Father is speaking.



-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Do We Think Intuition to Death?

"That's just my imagination. Nobody's following me."

Not that it's always appropriate to follow your feelings rather than your mind, but at least acknowledge those feelings and if something is compelling, don't just ignore it, ask yourself why it is bothering you. Sometimes we think intuition to death.

Instinct, which has been around since the dawn of man was probably a reliable source of survival for cavemen ... especially when used as a tool against ravenous dinosaurs. It seems however that the more scientifically advanced we become, the less intuitive we become as we rely more on our things and less on ourselves.

When we don't trust our instincts, we have a tendency to talk ourselves out of what we are feeling.

Intuition is invaluable when used, and acknowledged in every area of our lives; whether it's professionally, in our love lives, in terms of danger ... there is no substitute for good old fashioned tuition.

Thinking Man

Thinking Man

Some Ways Intuition Affects Our Lives

Although De Becker's focus was avoiding violence, we can improve our lives in so many ways simply by learning to listen to that little voice inside that guides us in various situations.

  • Getting the resume undated: For indefinable reasons you feel the company may be in difficulty; or despite assurance, that less than stellar evaluation makes you feel there could be trouble looming on the horizon.
  • Looking behind you: Although you didn't hear anything, you sensed something; the hairs stood up on the back of your neck (so to speak).
  • Individual you met at the party last night:Something about the way he/she looks at you, or something you can't explain makes you feel uneasy, or puts you on guard. So, although they have all the right assets, you decide to pass.
  • Choosing the least attractive college: Although college X has the best curriculum, the best campus, the best everything, for some reason you just feel you'd be happier at college Y.
  • Getting into the elevator: The person in the elevator looks perfectly normal, even looks like a professional on their way to work ... yet something raises your hackles to the point that you decide to wait for the next elevator.

Listening to Your Feelings

Often we ignore what some people call "the sixth sense", which is in fact, more defined in some people than others, but is present in all of us. The sixth sense is all about feelings.

And when we ignore those feelings, in the end we often suffer the consequences.

Then again, maybe I'm totally wrong and intuition has no place in today's high-tech society.

Nope, I just don't feel that's true.

© 2018 Claudette Jones

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