Limits? We All Have Limits

Updated on January 28, 2019
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EM Perkins is a published author of children's picture books and various articles for newspapers and social media. Her motto: Look up!

With Christ, You Can Achieve


The Empty Message

Going about a regular work day, I enter a ladies public restroom and found this message written on the mirror, "There are no limits to what you can achieve. You are a no-limit person." I couldn’t help reading this over several times and even took a picture. It just did not sit right with me. I am sure the intent was to motivate and be a positive influence on the reader but yet I just could not walk away feeling good. I felt empty.

A Lonely Race

This message stayed with me and I pondered it over and over and what kept resounding were the words, ‘YOU can achieve’ and ‘there are NO limits.’ This is a very lonely and empty statement. It’s almost like running a race, and going as fast as you can, remember you have no limits. You come upon someone but you want to achieve so you give them a little push because no one is standing in your way, you are going to cross that finish line. You have removed all obstacles at all costs - no limits. There is nothing that will keep you from achieving and winning. Your legs, arms, and heart are pumping faster. You feel good and in charge with the finish line in sight. Up ahead, you imagine the roar of the crowd and the cheering of your name. The accolades to come with newspaper and television reporters vying to hear your words. The fame, everyone knows your name — there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve. Until suddenly, you are awoken to reality. You have stumbled, the track to success is leading no where, you are confused on which direction to go, there is no person you can turn to for advise, no person to help you carry the heavy burden of problems, and the big one — no one to lean on when the times are so tough you are paralyzed. You are running this achievement race all on your own, totally alone. If you cross that finish line and turn to high-five and celebrate, who is next to you sharing this empty accomplishment? No one because ‘you’ are achieving with ‘no limits.’ You’ve probably stepped on and hurt others and have made eternal enemies as you pushed and shoved to reach that finish line, to achieve. Who are you serving? Yourself?

Finding Strength

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a key missing component from that message. Check out Philippians 4:13 which gives you a much better option, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Even today, we share the same trials and tribulations as the Apostle Paul. In all our journeys to achieve a plan, nothing ever goes perfect. There are setbacks, problems, disappointments, frustrations, and tears. You know these things will happen, its inevitable. A placed order is not delivered, a deadline is not met, something will break, not enough funds, miscommunication occurs, and then a cruel word is spoken. When all this happens you need strength to carry you forward but all tasks become harder and harder that you can hardly think straight. You mind is confused and your heart is broken. There is no calling on yourself because you have hit your limit. The good news, you are not alone and even better, it is God that has no limits. In the same chapter of Philippians, verse 6, Paul advises us not to be anxious about anything. How comforting to know that in these times of not being able to go on because you have hit that human limit, Jesus has been holding you up and carrying you through the tough times.

Look Up!

The image of being pushed to the limit alone, with no one to lean on, no guidance, loss of hope. God knows our hearts desires and He has a plan. They do not always match what we want but He will show us the way, lead us, protect us, and one day be victorious. Limits — we all have limits. All you need is to look up and ask God for help. Give your concerns and problems with a thankful heart. The peace you will receive is not comprehensible but overwhelming in love from Jesus. Simple, yes it is . . . Through Christ, I can achieve.

Walk His path, choose to follow His words, and the result is being in the love and joy of Jesus Christ our Lord. Look up!

© 2019 EM Perkins


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