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Life and the Good Things on it

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What is Life? How do you see life as beautiful?


Many things in the world would capture one’s eyes.

— mnj

When you woke up, take a look on the mirror? What do you see?
Be grateful that you can see clearly, others born blind.
Be blessed of having a secure home and shelter to stay in.
The less-fortunate had to struggle and accept that the street is a home.
You can certainly look the sun as it shines vibrantly.
The sky and clouds blends so delightfully and on afternoon it puts on different shades.
When you feel the warm air as your eyes amazed with wonderful sceneries that nature offers.
When you walk and run as it feels you never grows old, while other suffers.
May the other have polios, charley horses and similar alike.

A hug, a kiss and smile catches a heart
seeing love ones, parents and siblings, son or daughter can create an art.
Some other families have a lot of pain of losing one’s beloved.
Parents are working for their children, while other’s abandoned by their parents and had never felt to be loved.
Ears are open. Listen to music or sound and other beatings.
Mother takes medicines possible to loose child’s capacity of healthy growing.
Causes a new born life to experience distress and seemingly question his role
Our Almighty, is really great, and gives us life and soul.
Eyes to see the good side of life, some only see the negatives odds
Ears to listen while others listen only to gossips and lies.

A mouth used to speak righteous words and having hands to give a help.
Life passes, time flies. Yet others throw out words that didn’t have any second thoughts.
With present lives nowadays people speak to criticize and hand to do bad deeds.
Is there still Good Samaritan who does good acts?
We keep seeing the bad things of others, May I ask are you perfect? Are we?
We are not in this world to judge but to live a life to its greatest.
Many things in the world would capture one’s eyes.

Marinduque Island

Marinduque Island

The moment you open your eyes in the morning be blessed of you have given a day to embrace.
Mountains, flowers, sky, rain, sun, ocean and all God’s nature creation can make your heart race.
Family’s loved, friends closeness and lover’s kiss makes heart beats fast.
And having you in this world is a great gift you could have.
Simple things are the most fascinating and priceless you can enjoy most.
Things such as gadget, cars may give you happiness but never meant to last.
Happiness comes within us.


As others saying, Life is short.
Love more, hate less.
Eat healthy, live longer.
Smile often, it can be contagious.
Study hard, dream high and be courageous.
Be positive and all lucks comes to its place.

© 2018 mnj

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