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Life: Planting It the Right Way


They say that humans go through four stages in their lives the same way they go through with planting: Sowing the seeds, watering those seeds, harvesting those seeds and then using them as harvest.

1. Sowing the seeds

This is the start of everything. By sowing these seeds, you get to decide what kind of foundation you want to stick by with the rest of your life. You’d be letting yourself into a whole new journey by allowing yourself to be nourished and cared for until it’s time for you to sprout from the ground and fulfill the dreams you’ve set for yourself.

2. Watering the seeds

Time, guidance, and balance is greatly needed in this stage for the plant is still too young to survive out there on its own. Too much watering can lead to drowning, and lack of it will lead to dehydration. It’s the same way with people: (1) too much caring may lead to overprotectiveness that can cause adverse effects. Instead of them coming back for understanding, it’s them walking away out of misunderstanding; and (2) giving them too much freedom could be mistaken as negligence or ignorance. People might think you seem to have no care for them at all for not doing anything to make them feel important. Hence, we need to learn the right way of balancing time and guidance to them. We need to learn the right amount of watering these plants.

3. Harvesting the seeds

After you’ve been shaped and grown up enough, it’s time to finally get that chance to step out onto the real world. Starting from the smallest detail of knowledge you’ve gained since then, up to the biggest thing you’ve learned—you’re going to need every single one of it. It’s time for the harvest. It’s time to pack up your things and keep going because the harvest is just another beginning of everything.

4. Using the harvest

The true test starts here. It’s time to gather all that you’ve harvested over the past years and finally put it to use. The plant is finally capable of standing by itself and letting its harvest reach other fields; the same way you are finally able to support yourself and let your skills wander off to excel in every way possible. Opportunities will always be around to keep you going but challenges will also be around to weigh you down. Don’t let this stop you. Never let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip right off your fingers.

Planting takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we need only to make sure the harvest doesn’t go to waste, only to the ones worthy of using it.

© 2021 Adiella Domingo

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