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Life In the Now


Balance can be so hard to find when the scales are not calibrated to reality. A healthy medium is what we all seek, but life has a way of bringing out our highest highs and our lowest lows. Comparison is toxic, it is a double edged sword that disguises itself with the title of social media.

Twisted tweeter's and boastful booker's share the shiniest moments of their lives in exchange for double tapped likes that come from followers who would otherwise walk past them on the streets without as much as a simple hello. Giving yourself a break is not a possibility when you spend your time trying to measure up to others who are not actually as tall as they appear to be.

The world can seem so big, which can consequently make us feel so small. We try so hard to find instant success in the things that we do, and by doing so, we rob ourselves of the joy that comes within the journey. The process is meant to be thoroughly experienced and our paths are all unique.

When we live and think too far into the future, we miss the sites that we are meant to see and the roses that we are meant to smell. Your path is paved with lessons to be learned and things to be done. You must always stay true to yourself and walk to the sound of your own drum. If and when you catch yourself living too far ahead or too far behind, simply look down at your feet and remind yourself that wherever they are in that moment, is where you should be too.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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