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The Flame Within

There is a fire that burns inside of all of us, some more-so than others. At times it can be hard to find something to ignite that flame, such as our calling or greatest passion. I truly believe that each and every one of us has a purpose. What might be mundane to you might save another, it is all a matter of prospective. It is at random times I find myself reflecting on what my purpose is in life and though it may be annoying to me when I need a moment or am not having a good day, I seem to be very good at listening as well as dishing out much-needed advice. I have the gift of empathy, wanted or not. I may not always say it in the easiest of ways, but then again, I have never really been one to sugar coat anything in life. I suppose that is mostly because I didn't get a fluffy life with encouragement and growth. That aside, I do have a full understanding of others' struggles and generally know what needs to be said.

Though positivity can be hard to muster when you're not fully aware of what your passion may be, it's imperative that you never give up on yourself. The key is to continue to try because failure really isn't failure. How can you be so hard on yourself for not knowing what to do? That's like blaming yourself for your inability to fly, teleport or read minds. They are things a human can't do without proper assistance from an outside force (even if some of my examples are fantasy). My point is, you can't be some critical on yourself when you fail. You're just creating more conflict than there ever was. A non-issue becomes something you fret over or my favorite phrase, you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. That also doesn't mean that you shouldn't strive for success. Being the best at something isn't a bad thing.

You're never less than someone else simply because you do not know something and they're definitely not superior to you because they know something you don't. That doesn't mean that confidence isn't good, because it's a wonderful trait to carry. It simply means that you need to remain humble even when you're at the top because you never know what could bring you down or if you'll stay up there forever. Regardless of this, helping uplift others when they're down is something that I truly believe is the best healing process. Maybe you don't feel all that wonderful yourself, but it's a nice gesture to help another. You never know if your paths will cross again.


Keep Burning Bright

Don't let someone else make you feel like something you're good at isn't awesome. You're definitely a special person, even when you don't feel all that special. Something I will continue to say, as long as it's relevant to what I'm writing about, is that everything happens for a reason. Major divorce/break-up? Maybe it's time to fly solo. Maybe it's a time to discover what YOU are all about. You don't need someone else to define who you are, you just need to see what makes Whatever it is that makes you tick and I'm sure it's something fabulous. Being okay to be alone isn't such a bad thing and at some point in our lives we're all going to be alone. Whether we want to be or not. It's not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding. Everything that you're capable of accomplishing alone becomes that much more amazing because you're able to reflect that you accomplished it and you alone.

Maybe a family member passed? Maybe you lost your job? Maybe some other not-so fabulous event happened and it has you down? Or, maybe something wonderful happened and you've got a new significant other. Maybe you got promoted in your job. Maybe you're making a big life choice...there are endless possibilities and endless maybes. Don't let a maybe weigh you down, don't let it lose your focus and don't over think the scenario. You deserve to be who and where you are, no matter what others may say. Find your passion and stick to it like there's no tomorrow! A maybe can steal your light and put out your flame. You need to take charge by prioritizing your goals and making things happen. The first step is yours to make, right or wrong. It's not important which direction you go in as long as you pay attention enough to where you're going, own up to your mistakes and make room for a positive change towards your goal(s). The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Discovering and accepting yourself are very important ways to process what is going on in your life. Something so chaotic as life can be made much simpler by understanding that change is necessary and it's also inevitable. Whether you're ready or not, life will do what it pleases so it is far easier to accept the changes as they come and adapt to them. Be ready to become a sparkly, new you. It will eventually happen and I hope it's for the better. Let your light shine and your passion flow hot like lava, let no one put a damper on your path.


Toxic Relationships...

At times we find ourselves wondering why it is that some people can never just be happy for one another. Or why family members cannot just support you. It's in these moments that it's best to reflect on the necessity of those same people in our lives. Are they really needed for you to be happy? If the answer is no then maybe it's as simple as removing them from your lives. Just because someone is biologically related to you or because you're supposed to be friends doesn't mean that they're needed in your life. Let me reiterate, cut the cord. They're not necessary. If someone cannot do something as simple as supporting you and helping you achieve your goal(s) to ignite that wonderful flame waiting inside of you then they aren't worth your time. The same can be said for someone who is stealing credit for your achievements. You worked hard to be who you are, don't let someone else take that away from you. You deserve better than that.

Don't think of letting people go as a negative thing, think of it as recycling. Imagine it as a release of the old people that were holding you back. It is a new time to do what makes you happy and keep your mental/physical health up as well as you can. Toxic people can be mentally and physically draining. There's no need on the added stress/nay-saying in your life. In the end, what's better for you may be stressful for a little while. Once everything reaches its' own rhythm things will seemingly fall into place. New people will eventually come into your life that you've felt like you've known forever. They'll just fit, like they are a piece of the puzzle. It's at this point that you'll be wondering why you took so long and hesitated so much on something so amazing. Never give up.

As always, I thank you for your time while you read my work and welcome any messages, requests or feedback.

You are loved....

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