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Knowing Your Purpose

Happy is a young woman with a great passion for writing she is a firm believer in making an impactful life by knowing one's purpose on Earth

Have you ever wondered what makes the life you live impactfully? It is a common thing t hear people talking about their purposes in lives. But at times we might be carried away in deep thoughts and generate thousands of questions about how to know the prime purpose of our existence.

Knowing your unique purpose will make you complete and whole again but serving it will make a meaningful life and brings contentment. You can follow to choose from a few of the listed ways of knowing your purpose

  1. Meditate and observe yourself; Connect with your inner self and hear the inner voice within you, What are you good at? What completes you? What brings contentment to your soul. After being clear with it then that is what will distinguish you ( your purpose)
  2. Try to hear what others usually complement about you; We live in a world where interaction is unavoidable, people around us may be good at explaining what we can do best. But you must be extra careful of the voices you hear make sure they are genuine
  3. If you believe in religion, connect with your creator and ask for the answers, seek for the direction, and once you see the signs then go after what is your purpose

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