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Just When You Thought There Were No More Miracles


Surrounded by Miracles

I witnessed a miracle just this morning.

I woke up.

That's right, I woke up. My heart rate increased, breathing ticked up a notch. My mind such as it is, started working, thinking about what to do with a new day.

A healthy human heart beats about 72 times a minute. In spite of my efforts to ignore it, mine has kept going some 2.5 billion beats now and is still working.

Another miracle.

Every day the world turns , making it night time on one side, day on the other. 365 1/4 days a year since its beginning, about 4 billion years ago.

The sun continues to shine and sustain life. Plants, animals and human beings continue to be born, grow and pass on their legacy to the next generation.

Seasons change, each in turn offering rest and rejuvenation to the earth and to us.

The migration of Monarch butterflies takes place over four successive generations of the winged insect's life. Yet they continue to return to the same nesting places each and every year.

Just What Is a Miracle?

The dictionary defines a miracle as; 1. An event that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God. 2. A person, thing or event that excites admiring awe. Synonyms include; Wonder, marvel, revelation.

Just this morning, I heard of a young child who's inoperable tumor just disappeared after doctors had given up and the parents turned to prayer.

Another child was rescued from a submerged vehicle after 14 hours, hanging from her car seat just above the icy water. Rescuers heard an adult crying out for help which led them to the car. The only one around was the mother who had "likely died from the impact."

Wonders Or Miracles?

One-half of the 7 billion or so people that inhabit this planet awoke to a day full of promise and opportunity. Some have only the opportunity to eat but that in itself can sometimes be a miracle.

The U.S. alone provides most of the world's food supply. Not a miracle but pretty awesome.

Food appears daily at the grocery store with fresh fruit from around the world. In the summer, vegetables sprout from our garden in the backyard.

We have an embroidered tapestry on the wall that declares, "Who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see, believes in God."

Now I get the whole genetics thing and how a seed sprouts and with added nutrients and water you end up with a radish sandwich. But the fact that a single seed the size of a fingernail can grow into a one-ton pumpkin is pretty impressive indeed.

Humans out of necessity or curiosity have always strived for a new, better, or more efficient way to do things.

From the invention of the printing press to antibiotics, to space travel and heart transplants we have constantly pushed to learn, discover, and use that knowledge to benefit others.

Someone somewhere invented the heating system that keeps my house warm inside while the temperature outside is below zero. Electricity brings light to my workspace and yes, the internet with its wealth of knowledge is at my fingertips.

Fish are still abundant in spite of GPS locators, GoPro cameras and new lures. My efforts to catch them have failed to put a dent in the walleye population.

No, it's not a miracle that the Cubs won the World Series in 2016 although it could be construed as being against the laws of nature, goat's curse notwithstanding.

Creating Miracles

New medical breakthroughs are found each and every day by thousands of dedicated people who spend their lives and fortunes to find cures.

Epidemics such as polio and influenza at one time crippled or killed millions around the world. Now, thanks to medical research, polio has all been eliminated from our vocabulary while the flu continues to be battled with new, improved vaccines.

The diagnosis of Cancer is no longer a death sentence, but one that can be overcome with new treatments and medications.

People come together in communities around the world to fight a common cause. Whether it is to pump water in Africa or contribute to a Go Fund Me page for a cancer patient.

Especially at Christmas time, people unite to provide for those less fortunate. Food pantries re-stock, meals and gifts are delivered to needy families. The Salvation Army collects almost half of its 4.3 billion dollar budget needs for the year.

A miracle? You decide.

The odds of a human embryo surviving to birth in the U.S. are one out of three.

Lots of things have to go right for the it to develop and survive to term. Then many more things have to go right for that infant to grow and thrive, especially if he or she is raised in an environment of poverty or neglect.

The fact that some people can get past overwhelming obstacles and live healthy, happy lives, if not a miracle, then certainly a prime example of the resiliency of the human spirit.

The seasons and migrations of life can be observed, examined and documented with extreme accuracy. DNA and AI can track our past and predict our future.

The who, what, when and where can be analyzed, scrutinized and debated to find practical answers.

The why, however, is the true miracle.



Mary on December 25, 2018:

Love it!

Sue on December 24, 2018:

Good information and a good reminder to remember the miracles.

Elizabeth on December 23, 2018:

Well written, perfect time to post. Thanks, E

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on December 21, 2018:

Very hopeful and appropriate, especially in the season of miracles.

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