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It's Your Voice - Use It

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Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends


Its your voice - Use it.

By now you should know writing is not easy, if you are a writer. If it is, everybody would be one, so don't take your self for granted.

Today we will be talking about using your own voice, yes, it's your own voice we need to hear when you pen down your thoughts.

Its the uniqueness of your voice we want to hear when you write that great book, don't try to sound like anybody else.

I remember when I wrote my first book, I was so much conscious of how the tone of my book sounds.

In my head I thought I don't sound or come off as a typical African lady, lol. I feel like I need to fit in, and sound a particular way, so I could be accepted.

It was a real struggle for me, writing was tedious.

Eventually I realized that I'm trying so hard to sound like someone else, not using my voice, so I stopped.

I decided to just write the way I want, just being myself. The words starts flowing, and writing becomes easier and I'm enjoying myself.

Remember this, your voice is unique, it's what makes you, you.

Don't be afraid to use your voice, don't try be some else. People will love your work because you are different.

Its your voice, use it! Enjoy your self while at it. Cheers to you, for finding your voice.

© 2021 Adekitan

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