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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, Oh, It's an Asteroid Headed Right for the Earth

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What Would You do?

If you saw an asteroid coming down from space would you be scared? Would you try to escape? What would you do? At first glance these questions might sound unrefined but an asteroid hitting the earth is not a crisis that is talked about enough nor are we adequately prepared for such devastation. It seems there are safety protocols for every type of emergency ranging from earthquakes to wildfires and even tropical storms; but nothing about the possibility of an asteroid colliding with the earth. Now this isn't an article predicting that an asteroid is going to hit the earth so you shouldn't feel sad or negative. It is supposed to be a reflection of whether we as humans have been using our time wisely while on this planet. The asteroid could be metaphorical, or perhaps the asteroid that this article is referring to; is not an actual physical rock that will coming burning into our atmosphere, but rather a realization that life goes by pretty fast. Maybe the asteroid represents the personal changes we need to make in our life in order to attain fulfillment. In that very moment what do you do? Do you panic and go into a frenzy or do you reflect on your life and think about what you could have done differently? There are no right or wrong answers here because these are questions that are designed to get you to imagine yourself in such a scenario. You should read this article objectively meaning, get rid of the negative feelings that are associated with an asteroid hitting the earth; which is easier said than done, but rather take some time to calmly reflect and imagine what that moment would be like.

How Would You Feel?

At first glance this might seem like an unrefined question because obviously, your natural physical response would probably be one of great distress and terror. However, simply imagine that you are walking outside of your home and you look up to the sky, and there you see a huge asteroid from the furthest regions of outer space racing towards you. Would you feel content with how you lived your life or regret? Its not really easy or even possible to give a straightforward answer unless you are actually in that situation but if you've ever been in a distressing situation before, you can probably imagine how your body would feel at that exact moment. It is impossible to forget how you felt while experiencing a traumatic or life changing event because it is hard to forget something that has made you feel extremely uncomfortable. Do you think your life would flash before your eyes? If it did what would you see? There are so many more questions that could be asked within this article and honestly none of them need an immediate answer. As a matter of fact, do not answer try to answer these questions as you read this article at all. Keep them in the back of your mind and as you go through your daily routine, think about the asteroid scenario in your head and just let the answers come to you. Remember, the take away point is that you shouldn't feel any negativity at all while trying to rationalize this scenario; you should do your best to answer these questions as objectively as you possibly can. The true nature of a person is revealed in a time of crisis, so taking the time to ponder over these questions will give you the best insight into who you truly are, and when you find do find the answers that you are looking for; give yourself the most honest response that you possibly can. You will learn so much about who you are as a person and where you are in life.

Live Life Everyday as if You Know an Asteroid is Going to Hit the Earth

This might be an extremely unconventional philosophy to live by, but the asteroid scenario doesn't necessarily fall under normal conventions. This article was meant to be philosophical in nature so there are no right or wrong answers and truthfully, there isn't even a real way to come up with clear-cut answers to all of them. In a time of crisis most people usually rely on their gut feelings to guide them because their mind is too preoccupied with trying to organize their random thoughts. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult to predetermine what you would actually do if an asteroid were coming towards you. However, if you take a philosophical approach to asking yourself these types of questions now, you can be sure that if an asteroid were ever to hit the earth, you'd be one of the very few people who could actually look up at the sky and know deep down in your heart that you lived life to the fullest.