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Is Life After 30 Pointless and Worthless?

Why is it considered valuable to be young? Is it being healthy? Having many years of life left to enjoy? Less responsibility ? Feeling less pressure to have achieved something in the world? That it’s not considered strange if you get drunk and run around all night looking for excitement? Or that you still live with your parents?

I am nearly through my 20’s and I now realize how much I do not know. The more I experience, the older I get, the less I know. I do not say this because I am getting dumber, or more ignorant. I say this out of humility through experience.


The 20’s are filled with emotional, financial, relational, and career lessons that teach the beholder valuable information about how life can/should be.

You may be moving away from your physical prime in your 30’s, but you are moving toward the pinnacle of your financial, emotional, and relationship potentials in life. You have more money, you know more about the world/life, you are more capable of your abilities, you know what you can and can’t do, you are more aware of yourself and others, you have stronger relationships, you are more emotionally stable, you are more confident and humble, you compare yourself to others less, the list goes on.

Winning in all areas in your life, whether it's career, relationships, etc., is about emotional strength, not intellectual strength. Emotional strength comes with time, experience and a genuine effort from the individual to take the pain as it comes . Pain from such things as job loss, relationship failure, career failure, not realizing your dreams, being proven wrong, dealing with addictions and so on and so on.


Part of getting older involves coming to terms with who you really are, and how you are actually going to make your life worthwhile. There is a process, which is not always a happy experience, of adapting your concept of yourself, and how you relate to the world. You may begin to realize, “hey, maybe I won’t actually become rich and famous”. Then you may realize, “hey, maybe being rich and famous isn’t all that great”. Or you may realize, “I do want to be rich and famous, but it’s going to take a huge amount of effort and discipline, but I’m willing to go through all of that”.

I imagine that if the thought of 30 is depressing, it’s because you sense that you have not gotten very far with your youthful fantasies of who you are destined to become, and you’re not sure you’re going to live up to your dreams. It’s no longer clear that everything is going to be “happily ever after”.

You start growing old as soon as you’re born and nothing lasts forever. Some people don’t even make it past 10, 20, 30, .. Most animals don’t live that long and all we humans do is whine about eternal youth? How ungrateful and out of perspective.

Being alive is a privilege and heading towards the end the name of the game. The challenge is about staying young in your head and doing positive, meaningful things for as long as you can.

The key to surviving your post-thirty years is to think in small increments. Don’t focus on decades - think about what you are going to do in the next year, month, week, day, and hour. Long term plans only lead to disappointment.

The best thing to do is just enjoy yourself not matter what age, look after your body and health as that’s literally all you have and don’t over thing where you should and should not be as it can change instantly.

Try to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, at least most of the time. Do some form of exercise, even if it means going for regular walks in your neighborhood or in a mall. It is very beneficial to be active as opposed to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Eat healthy foods, but if you want that piece of cake, go for it! What point is there to do everything right health wise if you’re denying yourself something that you really want? Anything in moderation is fine. Life really is what you make it.

Spend quality time with your family and friends. Be social. Go on small trips. Laugh a lot. Allow yourself to be spontaneous. Like your job. If you hate your job, work towards making a change. Life is only pointless and worthless if you think it is!

© 2019 Sanae Dahmouni

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