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Is Your Boat Missing a Rudder?

A transformational leader who is a businessman by vocation. He currently pastors Christ's Commission Fellowship Fairview-Philippines as well

When Facing Life's Storms: What do you do?

When creating a strategic plan, there is one main question that we have to keep in mind, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? Creating a strategic plan is very important to keep you on track towards the goal you have set. Without it, you will easily be swayed from one direction to another. Have you ever heard the catch phrase, “go wherever the waves take you”? Well, that’s exactly what will happen when you set out to do something without creating a plan first.

So, when creating a strategic plan, you need to lay down 5 very important details, let me give you a quick summary:

THE VISION- What do you want to achieve?

THE STARTING POINT- Assess and evaluate your current condition

THE END POINT- When do you know you’ve achieved the goal you’ve set

THE JOURNEY- Consider all; manpower, equipment, tools, challenges

THE KPIs- Setup indicators to gauge how well you are moving closer or farther away from your goal.

Once you have these 5 things laid out clearly, you can be assured you have a solid plan. Having a solid plan though does not always guarantee success. But, in instances that you fail, having the plan you’ve created always guarantees that you know exactly why you failed, thus giving you a better foundation for your next plan.

Now, let’s talk about the Master Planner, God. Do you think He used this concept of strategic planning? I don’t think he used it, I believe he created it, it’s the reason why we have it.

Let me tell you why I believe this is so by going through just one of the many scriptures that point to Him being such, Genesis 6:14-16, the story of Noah.


The Starting Point: God saw the corruption of mankind and how their hearts have gone so far away from Him.

The End Point: To rebuild the world beginning with a man with a heart fully surrendered to Him.

The Journey: Did you notice how God gave very specific and detailed instructions on how Noah should build the boat/ark. From the material to be used, size of each component, number of decks, placement of the doors, etc. and yet given all the detail that went into constructing the boat, there was one integral part that He gave no instruction about.

The KPI: There was no mention of a rudder. God never instructed Noah to place a rudder on this boat. The rudder which sailors probably consider as the most important part of a ship, so that they can have the ability to navigate to where they needed to go or steer themselves clear out of danger when they needed to was nowhere to be found in this ship that God was building.

I purposely skipped out the Vision at the first part. What do you think is the vision, taking into consideration all of these other details?

GODS’ VISION I believe is to see a man, who wants nothing else than a life fully surrendered to HIM.

God knew exactly His plans for Noah. He knew exactly where he was going to steer the boat they were on for the duration of the flood. He knew exactly where and when He was going to set Noah and the boat/ark after the flood had receded. Noah needed just to obey Him, depend on Him, trust Him.


Always remember that God concerns Himself even with the seemingly mundane things in life. Every detail in your life, be it small or big, God wants Himself to be part of it. There may be times when you feel that He seems to be absent from the things that matter to you, it’s not because He has deserted you or has gone far away from you. But rather it's because He wants to unfold His plan in your life exactly the way He wants it to and not the way you want it to be. He wants you to realize the important details He wants your life to have, and not the important details you feel your life should have.

So, when times get tough, when you feel the waters are about to rise in your life and your ship seems incomplete and missing bits and pieces. Choose to obey, trust, and depend on God, the Master planner not only of the ship you'll be sailing in, but even of the storm you'll be facing.

Although your practical understanding of your situation may falter, take solace in knowing that a fully surrendered life to God is the life that God will make count the most to Him.


© 2018 Milton Luga

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