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'In Sure And Certain Hope'

Stella is interested in philosophical, social and religious concepts and has written several articles on this subject

Hands of Hope

In hope Of The Hereafter

Out of all living things,humans are the only sentient beings that contemplate the hereafter or expect more than the physical realm to which they're born.

Animals fear death and have not the reasoning to consider the possibility of an afterlife but humans spend much of their lives pondering what, if anything, lies beyond their brief individual existence.


Why Is This Life Not Enough For Humans?

Dealing with one’s own mortality is difficult for many especially those with no hope of an afterlife but sooner or later it is something that has to be addressed.

Religious and spiritual beliefs aside; one thing is indisputable. You come into this life with nothing and leave with nothing. The only thing that may possibly survive death is consciousness in some individual or collective spiritual form. Although there is no factual scientific basis for life after death it cannot be dismissed altogether. Examining the existence of an afterlife

If by some miraculous plan you can take your memories with you together with that intrinsic part of you that makes you an individual then all well and good but if consciousness is ended forever at the same time as the physical body, there is literally nothing to look forward to and thus 'the here and now' needs to be appreciated more.

Your hope and expectation of an afterlife should not affect how you conduct your everyday life and should never make any real difference to the way you treat your fellow human beings. Treat everyone how you would like them to treat you. Afterlife or not, live your life to the full each and every day for it could well be your last.


Does Life After Death Really Matter?

It shouldn’t really matter at all because this life is all that can be viewed as reality. Humans always try to escape from reality rather than embrace it and a belief in an afterlife is an extension of this way of thinking. Why should the hope of an afterlife be so important when it is a miracle that life exists at all? Be grateful for the sunrise each morning and the sunset at night. Each day is a unique opportunity to improve your life and do something constructive for the mutual benefit of yourself and those around you and hopefully you will pass on your achievements for future generations to build on. Making progress in this life should be the primary concern without a thought for life after death if there is such a thing.


What Really Matters?

What really matters is the way you live your life now. Don’t live a life of goodness purely because you desire a reward in heaven; be good now and see the results of that goodness while you are still alive and if there is life after death then treat it as an extension of all the goodness and knowledge you’ve accumulated over your lifetime rather live in hope of a hedonistic experience of heavenly bliss.

All things are part of the physical universe and everything from the smallest amoeba to the largest star will eventually die so surely humans are greedy to desire more? Ancient stars had to live and die so that humans could exist and the iron forged in the heart of those stars now courses through your veins. Surely human existence is miraculous enough without the need for immortality?

Don’t be discontent with the here and now; the hereafter, if it exists will come soon enough.

A Glimpse Into The Afterlife?

© 2015 Stella Kaye

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