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If You Can Think It You Can Achieve It

You Can

What marks our time here? The person we are or the person we have become?Are we human beings really complex or is that what we have made ourselves?

Why are we,

So strong yet so weak

So profound yet so mild

So happy yet so sad

So simple yet so complicated

So silent yet so effusive

So pleased yet so unsatisfied

So worthy yet so empty

So unique yet so akin

So remarkable yet so mundane

So settled yet so lost

So deserving yet so deprived

I think you can only be one. The world makes you two. You can either be the quality before 'yet' or the quality after 'yet'. You can't be both. You need to understand what you feel and why you feel that way. Nobody can do it for you.

May be we all know who we are but the world around us makes us the other. Don't be so lost in proving yourself to the world. Prove it to yourself and that would suffice.

Don't worry about what people have to say about you but what do you have to say about yourself? That is the only opinion that matters.
Don't let the world make you too many things that you are unable to find the real YOU.

So look at yourself in the mirror. Is that the person you have always been?Is that the person you chose to be?Is that the person the world's opinion has made you?
Don't like the person you have become? Change it.Love the person you have become? Cherish it.

Because, both of the things can only be done by you. The world around you can't do it for you.

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