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If You Want Life to Smile at You, Then You Have to Smile at Her First!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


Don't lose your humour, no matter what it happens. This is a sign of wisdom.

— Sean Dragon

Laughing With Life

One of the things that have always made me happy is to see someone laugh spontaneously and heartily, especially if this one is a child. I think that the sound of a happy child's laugh is the best music someone can hear!


What makes me even happier, is to be me the one who has caused this laugh. So, I've always been trying, and I still do, to create a cheerful mood around me as I interact with the world.

All these years that I am teaching, I have based a significant part of my effort to help my students to progress and develop —first as personalities and then as students— into humour. When you have fun, you learn better!

If you want to teach something to someone, make him laugh first. It will open many ways to reach him.

— Sean Dragon

I think that being able to make someone laugh is an expression of Love, because in this way you help him to understand or remember that every difficult situation is never so "black" or catastrophic as it appears at first, and consequently you give him the power to fight it better. That's why I admire all the great comedians.

Have you ever noticed that the words "laugh" and "life" sound similar?

— Sean Dragon

I was fortunate to grow up in the country where the comedy was born and to be able to read Aristophanes' comedies from an early age. This gave me a completely different view of life and helped me to improve as a person. It helped me make humour a "weapon" against the misery and negativity that people tried to project to my soul. Humour and Love helped me overcome tough situations and made me a happy person. To tell the truth, I can no longer distinguish humour from Love. I do not think there can be the one without the other.


When I was in University, I came across the subversive humour of Monty Python! I believe that this was one of the reasons which led me to a great awareness that changed radically the way I deal with situations in life. I realized that there is only one way to live. You will live your life with humour, or you will not live it at all! And so I found the great ally who helped me finally get rid of the tyranny of selfishness --after the necessary and fundamental preparation that Love had done for it. Self-sarcasm!

I think self-sarcasm is the highest form of humour. When you can laugh with your weaknesses and mistakes, then you are not afraid to deal with them and correct them. At the same time, you can make others feel that you are one of them, they feel you are one of their kind, and so they can give you space to offer them your Love and your help.


Self-sarcasm has given me humility. Humour has offered me an optimistic view of life and a desire to fight so that there is more laughter on this planet and fewer tears. They made me a better person who wants to offer and love without "but" and limitations. They helped me grow into a more complete personality, a spouse, a father and a teacher who can enjoy every moment of his life, even the most difficult one, and he will never give up the effort for the best possible result, always with a smile.

No matter how serious a situation is, make a joke about it. It will help you to see more clearly the gift that comes with this difficulty. By adding humour into your life, you will experience the most beautiful sunshine even in the cloudiest days.

— Sean Dragon

Hence if you want to change your life, to make it blessed and joyful, start off with the self-sarcasm, no matter how hard it may seem at first. Laugh with yourself, with your mistakes and your imperfections, and you will see a brighter world to open in front of you. Because you will understand that this world is deliberately made with flaws and difficulties by The Great Humorist who created it with Love! Because, as the great teacher of Love says, the incomparable poet Rumi, God teaches us joy and grief because we have two wings to train for learning to fly, not one!

God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.

— Rumi

Therefore, laugh and make others laugh, but always with respect. Learn to laugh with others, not at the expense of others. At the same time, give your struggle, every day, to increase the reasons that the creatures of this world have for laughing and to decrease the reasons they have for crying. Always see the bright side of life. Learn to recognize the Creator's humour and show it to others. By putting humour into your life, you will experience the most beautiful sunshine, even in the cloudiest days.

God has an unbelievable humour, and that is why He makes us only jokes that we can understand.

— Sean Dragon

Happy New year to everybody! God Bless us all!

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis