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I Want to Make God Smile

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


I want to make God smile. This is my ethics.

— Sean Dragon


Think of a cherished person. Someone who makes you feel good when you are near him or her. A person, that you entirely trust, because he or she has always been by your side to support you, to strengthen you, to be a light in the darkness of the stressful and frightening situations that you have gone through. Somebody you know that would do everything for you, just by pure love and without waiting for any reward. A beloved one that would do everything just to see you happy.

I know that now, as you imagine it, you smile unconsciously and fill up with positive thoughts. You feel one of the most wonderful feelings, and you feel it spontaneously and automatically, just by the thought of this beloved person. You feel gratitude.

Gratitude makes you become a better and more beautiful person and changes your mood for life just because it makes you want to offer love and help as a response to the love and help you've got. It urges you to find ways to make this person, who is the source of your gratitude, to smile. Because you know that the smile of this person will be a balm for your soul.


What a blessed feeling is this, when you are feeling content, just because someone else feels happy, without asking something for yourself! It comes directly from our Divine core, and it can change our life because it is so positively addictive!

When you feel the euphoria created by the joy of the unselfish offer to a loved one, for the first time, you will want to experience it with more of your beloved persons. If you do it, this euphoria will become greater, and you will want to continue even with people who do not belong to your immediate circle, that is to say, you will want to apply it not only to your loved ones but to all the people you meet.

If you manage to offer unselfish love to those who until then considered "strangers," you will be reborn, and you will be a permanently cheerful, healthy and happy person, internally and externally. So you will become a person who will be a positive influence and a blessing for the world around you.

Modern psychiatry and psychology, re-discovering ancient knowledge, admit that the development of positive emotions, such as gratitude, has miraculous effects in the treatment of mental and physical diseases.

Gratitude in the Higher Level

Think now that we can raise this wonderful feeling to the highest level it could reach. This can be done when we express our gratitude to God acting in such a way as to make Him smile with joy! He is our Father and Creator and is always within and around us to offer us blessing and help in every situation. He is the most beloved of the loved ones.

Therefore, when we try with every thought, every word and act to make Him happy, we will become a blessing to others, and we will live the real happiness that no one and no situation will be able to deprive us of it, because it will be inner happiness that will be followed by physical health and well-being.


Making God smile with all my thoughts, every word and act, this I want to be my ethics!

I'm addicted to the ethics of Love.

— Sean Dragon

Life Is Art

Every moment is magical, blessed and beautiful! Whether we understand it or not, its magic is available and ready to experience it and become our unique and magic moment.

There are no good or bad moments. There are only the moments we have to live, and these are God's gifts in our own path through time. Gifts that we are free to use as we want or even overtake them. Our choice of how we will use the gift or the gifts of each moment will also determine the course of our orbit through time. It will determine the colour and shape of each little tile that we will place in the mosaic that will be our life. Hence, we - nobody else - choose and create the image that our life will present to the Cosmos.


Every moment is magical! Every moment is full of the Creator's love, full of blessings, full of gifts for each one of us.

— Sean Dragon

A good artist uses all available materials to complete his work. He will use the bright colours and beautiful shapes of cheerful and happy moments, but also the dark colours and strange shapes of the difficult ones. So every tough moment, if it finds its right place in the mosaic of our life, will finally have the same value as any joyous one and we will have taken advantage of its gift.

But we should have in mind that no one knows beforehand the size of this mosaic. Every piece we put, it may be the last one for us. It is therefore significant, with each piece we put, to improve the overall image without leaving it unfinished at the same time. Difficult, very difficult indeed! And if we consider that in our first steps in life, inexperience and ignorance leads us to a random and often chaotic placement of the pieces, it becomes even more difficult.

God gave me today, again, a wonderful gift of 86,400 seconds. I will fill as much as I can of them with love and light to thank Him.

— Sean Dragon

However, this is what makes this effort so interesting, so exciting. Because the secret is that even if in a large mosaic, there is only a small section that creates a beautiful picture, while the rest makes no sense, even then, this small section, magically, in the end, will change the overall picture and will unlock new creative possibilities.

We have only to try, and this will be good enough, at least at the beginning. The Universe has a high artistic conception since it has been created by the Great Artist. So, it will never scold us for the picture we presented, even if is a chaotic and dark one. Because for the Universe there are no beautiful and ugly mosaics-lives. There are only choices and respect for them. The whole thing has to do with how much pleasure and serenity will give to our Soul the final picture and what it will teach us for our next effort. Because there will be many efforts. Until our final mosaic become an integral part of the Great Divine Image. The sooner we achieve it, the better. That is why it is essential that we do not let any moment pass without enjoying its potential.


Hence my effort is to respect the gifts of every moment and use them wisely. To achieve, despite my mistakes, to use as many of these moments I can, to create a picture of Grace and Love. An image which will finally please my Heart, but also Him.

I love all moments of my life and the image they show to the world for me.

— Sean Dragon

Gratitude for every moment of all my days!

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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