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How to Keep Your Word to Yourself

Aminah experienced a spiritual awakening during the latter part of 2019. She is now a Spiritual Motivation Coach.

Reflection is your emotional protection.

Reflection is your emotional protection.

Do you trust yourself? Do you want to?

How to keep your word to yourself.

By Aminah Salter, Spiritual Motivation Coach

Do you ever wonder why it feels uncomfortable to start a new lifestyle? Sure, it’s new, but there is a deeper reason than that. It is because we are not sure it is really worth the effort. If we all could see all of the things in our future that are going to go right for us, then we would work on those things right away. That is why action and faith are married. Listen y’all, we all are capable of believing in the unknown. For those of us, that struggle with it does so because there is one thing they fail to realize…

Your environment responds to you.

You are the driving force to your destiny. The things you acquire and the way you feel are because of who you are, not the other way around. Experiment with this. Take some time to begin to use language that you normally would not. For example, if you are not the kind of person that is used to saying the words “pardon me” to people all of the time, then make this your new thing. To add to that, start to look up a new word in the dictionary each week and find a way to incorporate it into your normal everyday communication.

Self-awareness is love and vice versa.

Self-awareness is love and vice versa.

Buckle 'ya belts baby!!

Now the key is to be different. Why? Being different on a regular basis will allow you to feel different. Then over time, not only will you feel different from yourself, but outsiders will be able to see the change in you. Now how much change depends on how much you believe you deserve it and know that it will happen. Also, the common average reactions and interactions you have with people will begin to change as well.

After creating new habits for yourself, and consistently engaging in them, you will begin to wonder something else. You may say, “Am I different, or am I just lucky to be meeting better people?” Try this technique, and come up with your own conclusion, there are no right or wrong answers here. Just know this, YOU WILL SEE A CHANGE! It is up to you to first envision and decide how you would really like to live.

The whole point is to be content and satisfied.

Time is the key to unlocking doors. You must make a decision about what doors you wish to enter. Feed yourself ideas to support your goal every day. Just don’t forget to “stop and smell the roses” because if you live in the future too much you will begin to feel stressed. Remember, you are not only creating a brighter future, but you are also creating a better now. There is never a reason why you should have to wait to feel happy. Whatever it is you think you want, the best thing you can do is to find ways to tune into the emotion you believe your desires will bring you.

Posture is the biggest indicator of internal clarity.

Posture is the biggest indicator of internal clarity.

In conclusion

Now the last thing I want to say to you guys is this… You know how we commonly hear people say things like, “love yourself”,” find yourself”, well that is good advice. That is the most important thing you can do because love is enduring. So when you decide that you love yourself, you never give up on yourself. Also, nothing says self-love more than self-reflection. Make a conscious effort to analyze your dominant emotions and thought processes from the past. Ask yourself some questions about how your life was going. Were you satisfied in the past? Are you satisfied now? Compare the two.

What I am talking about is far deeper than just making achievements such as a new job or car. I am talking about your ability to connect with your higher power and feel the presence of it every day. The clarity and confidence you will begin to see are worth far more than any dollar amount you can conjure in your wildest imagination. Don’t get me wrong though, strive for those things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with owning things and having fun. It is actually our birthright. Just never allow yourself to become a mental and emotional slave to objects birthed in a manufacturing plant.

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