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How to change your life

Lindiwe is inspirational speaker, be motivated to be the best person that you can be. It is possible and it starts with you now.

Start over again in life

When you were born, God gave you a special gift. We are all born with a gift. You might always have known about it, but chose to ignore it. Some of us didn't even know what it is, as we just sailed through life and followed the traditional norms of society. You have to graduate through high school and attend University or College, after that you enter into the working world.

You keep working at your job, and you become unhappy and change jobs thinking this feeling of unsatisfaction is going to go away, but before you know it you have worked for over 20 years and more for some of us. One thing is still certain you realize that you are not happy. Each and every day, you dread going to work. You dread your boss and your colleagues, everything seems to be such an effort.

You get home after work one evening after all chores have been completed, you go to bed and for some reason, you cannot sleep you are thinking about such a bad day you had at work and suddenly you start asking yourself this question, is this how my life is supposed to be? Is this all I am about?

Before you know it you go back to memory lane, you think of yourself as a child and you realize how happy were you and how you always used to dream owning your own shop selling biscuits, and how you would give biscuits to kids who did not have the money. You start thinking that is how you developed the skill of baking as you always troubled your mother in the kitchen wanting to bake. Your thoughts are wondering and you ask yourself then how did it all go wrong? Why I never pursued my passion? You were the happiest child? What is wrong? Why are you so unhappy with your work?

One author said to find what you love doing and you will never work a day in your life. Find the field in which you are most interested; study the lives of those who have achieved greatness in your particular field, then choose your gift and act! The time for acting is now, you can no longer afford to keep living a miserable life anymore. It is Sunday and you are thinking oh God Monday is coming, why Monday? I can't take this anymore. Is this how life is supposed to be? The answer is not at all.

With the dream within your mind, you are half-way on the road to achievement, but you must act to materialize your dream.

The Chinese have a saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step." The first step of choosing what you want, letting your desires guide you to the path you wish to take, is probably one of the most important that you can take in ensuring that you are going to embark on the road to have the best year ever.

By now you have realized it is so not about the money. some people are making tons of it and they are miserable with it. It is not about the big house and the big cars and children going to private schools. It boils down to you. It is about you and your happiness. Once you achieve that, the rest follows.

The Beauty


Break those walls

We all have built walls. There are walls of fear, resentment, comfort zone, fear of being not enough, limitations. The list is endless

Each day, work at breaking each wall. If something tells you what if you fail, ask it. What if I don't fail? That is the weapon of breaking every wall that is withholding you to be the best that you can be in this world.

There are even walls that people tell you, things like you are not good with people. you are born from the family of alcoholics that is why you cannot stop drinking. I tell you one thing, you can be whoever you want to be as long as you are prepared to do the work. you need to ask yourself, how badly do you want to change

The journey begins


Lets Do It

Forget about what are people going to say

Forget about how am I going to live

Forget about fear, by the way, that is False Evidence Appearing Real. It is not real, please do not be threatened by False evidence. It appears real, but it is not. A picture if the snake, cannot attack you. It does look like the snake, but it is not the snake. It is evidence alright, but it is not real

The growth


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