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How to Find Your Self Worth


How to find Self worth: Why it is important


How do we find our self worth?

Self worth is a hard topic to speak about, and sometimes hard to come by. Having self worth means respecting and loving yourself. It's about knowing your value and not accepting less. Self worth is about having a high opinion of your self and to be the best. Its about knowing that you are deserving of happiness and success. set goals for yourself and achieve them. Building self worth will take time, take it day by day small steps to get to where you want to be.

Having self worth all starts with have high self esteem. For one to have self esteem means to accept yourself as you are " as god made you" You as a person have to believe that you are beautiful , your are smart, that you are worth it. Having self worth doesn't mean you have everything. Its about understanding that you don't need the world to be fulfilled.

I used to thing that I needed a husband and child to be complete. A better job to make more money. I always I wanted to more but, then realized that I had what I needed. Life isn't always so, black and white you don't always get what we want all the time. Its important that we look at the things that matter and the materialistic things, that we think we need.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I need a six figure job?
  2. Do I need to find love?
  3. Do I need to be a size 0?
  4. Do I need the newest gadget?

None of the things really matter, they are just that things. They don't define us are mdke us who we are. We should feel secure and confident with ourselves even if we have nothing.

Accept the path you are on

Sometimes we need to realize that the path we choose for ourselves , isn't the correct path for us. We need to get back up dust ourselves off then try again. Be creative write a blog take a trip, watch movie. Do something you love , anything to make yourself feel better. We have to accept everything the good, the ugly. Some days we get depressed others where on top of the world. The key is to have confidence they things will get better.

Accept your mistakes learn from them and move on. Don't let your failures keep you down. You are worth every single breath in your body. Our choices make us who we are so own it, and strive to do better.

The path that I am on now isn't the one I choose for myself however, I accept it for now. I will always find another way to get to my goal even if it takes me a little longer. There are so many different ways to get to your destiny you just have to find it.

Love yourself no matter what

We need to love every flaw, every imperfection we have as humans. Always be ourselves and not try to be something we are not. We need to having understanding and compassion for ourselves as well as, others. No judgements or bias. Sometimes we can be to hard on ourselves. A lot of the time the world sees us differently that we see ourselves. Us as humans need to have the confidence and the strength make it through to thee other side of the dark tunnel.

Something I can share from my own experience is that you have love yourself and accept you before anyone else does. I set goals for myself and do things that make me happy. You have to live life for you no one else. Take one step at a time in other words" crawl before you walk"

Something that I myself need to practice is self love. To have self worth means we need to be have a positive opinions of ourselves:

  1. I am valued and loved
  2. I can be successful
  3. I am a good person
  4. I am worthy no matter what

Stop trying to compare yourself to others or, caring about other think.. You are only defined by your goals, your achievement not someone else's. The importance of having self worth, is knowing that you are perfect as you are. Knowing that the opinion that matters is the one you have about yourself.

Accepting who we are wholeheartedly

We need to accept that we don't the approval of others. All we need is to love ourselves and think positively about our lives. I live my life no one else. We need to accept ourselves, others may have their opinions but , it means nothing. We cant let their opinions run our lives. We cant let are past mistake define who we are or, what we are capable of. We need to be who we are meant to. Don't let any anyone change you or try make you "better"

Its okay to be different, to make mistakes nobody is perfect. Our failures will only make us stronger. We learn from our failures so, we can grow as a person and be our best self.

In closing we are responsible for leading our own lives . There is no blaming anyone one else for how you turned out. No one has a bigger impact in your live but, you. No one can change you life but you. You want to change the "just do it". When the world get crazy and restless stay steady . Stay you stay confident and in control. Fight for what you want, have high hopes, positive attitude ignore the negativity and most importantly, never give up on yourself. You are worth it and deserve greatness.

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