How to Live a More Fulfilling Life

Updated on September 3, 2017
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Colin Wattonville is a business student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a background in marketing, entrepreneurship, & finance.

First Time Skydiving
First Time Skydiving

Saying “yes” has led to me living a more exciting and happy life. It has landed me a job, taken me across the country, allowed me to help my community, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and has led to an overall greater life.

As a whole, the human race drastically undervalues the gravity of a single word. At any given point, a simple “yes” can change your life. We are always one “yes” away from being with the same person for the rest of our life, from staying up all night instead of studying for our exam, from moving to a different country, or even from going to jail. This three-letter word has so much more power than we give it credit for.

Deciding to go to the latest career fair at my school was an example of me saying “yes;” this decision landed me my current job. That one word has also landed me three side jobs in addition to my current job. Saying “yes” has led to many spontaneous adventures. I have decided to go out with friends last minute instead of staying home by myself; this has led to nights that I will never forget. I have attended seminars, clubs, and other social events by myself. Without doing this, I would have never learned from great speakers or have met many incredible people.

Fortunately, my past job forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, taught me to be more confident, and conditioned me to be comfortable when in just my own company. These are all key components to making it easier to say that magical word that opens up so many opportunities.

Only a “yes” could have led me to trying new sports, one of which, is still a hobby of mine. Only a “yes” would have given me the opportunity to shoot a gun. Only a “yes” could have given me the opportunity to graduate college without any debt. Saying “yes” has served me well. I do not advise saying “yes” to everything, but I hope that I at least convince you to think twice the next time you are about to say “no.”

First Time Shooting A Gun
First Time Shooting A Gun

If I had said “no,” I would have never gone to one of the coolest concerts of my life. If I had said “no,” I never would have had the pleasure of mentoring multiple young men. If I had said “no,” I would have never experienced a true relationship. If I had said “no,” I would have never learned how to play an instrument, and I would not have been able to play said instrument at my instructor’s wedding. If I had said “no,” I would have never become a part of a summer program through a local university and would never have met my current best friend.

Too many people sit idle, watching life pass by. People become attached to their own routines. They become comfortable with repetition. It is rare to see people go out and try new things instead of fall back to their typical leisure activities. Gone are the times when we simply go over to friends’ houses to hangout and talk, or get a couple of people together to go down to the park and shoot hoops. Instead, we sit by ourselves and spend hours in front of a screen, either watching TV or combing through a myriad of posts about how amazing others’ lives are compared to our own. We often find ourselves saying “no” to any sort of invitation or request that would require even the slightest bit of effort, especially if it would require us to step outside of our comfort zones.

By saying “yes” more frequently, we broaden our horizons. We make greater memories. We become more social. We start truly living. Living life by saying “yes” to as many things as possible creates memories that last an eternity and help prevent you from living with the worst feeling of all: regret. I have always tried to live my life based around the following quote. “I would rather look back on my life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ rather than ‘I wish I had done that.’” So go out, seize the day, and begin living a more fulfilling life.

First Time Doing Cryotherapy
First Time Doing Cryotherapy

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