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How to Have Impact on People?

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.


You create the Mood, you do not seek the 'right' mood.

Creating the mood in a place, around certain people, it means to elevate what they feel and how they are feeling at that particular moment. They have to understand that this elevated mood comes from you being around. It doesn't come from an outer source, but it is you who have created the atmosphere. Elevate the mood of the people around you.

Be the one who determines the energy in the room. You should not expect that the event, be it a birthday, or a wedding, or a ceremony of some kind, whatever, you can't expect it to set the energy for all the attendees. You have to set the energy for yourself, at least for the group of people you are entertaining. I, for example, can be very moody and introverted, but one thing you can rely on me for sure, when it comes to birthdays, or weddings, basically gathering together people who may not go along well with each-other I am the person you can turn to, because not only I am an empath, that means I can understand everyone, but I also push aside my feelings for that night, and I entertain everyone else. I basically control the situation and set the energy for the event.

Whatever kind of energy you are trying to create amongst people, it should be a positive energy. In the end, people do not remember the bad feelings, only the best ones, and they make the best memories they keep talking about over and over again. So, whatever energy you create, make it positive.


You have an " I am here " attitude

If you are always looking for someone else to cheer you up, then you are not making any impact. That other person is!

Low energy/ vibration people, when they attend a party, or an event, they ask "Who is here?". High energy/vibration people, when they attend a party, or an event, they say "I am here!". This is the approach you should have. It does not matter who is there, as long as you are there, because the most important person in that gathering, is you!

However, this does not mean that you should be arrogant and treat others like servant. For you to be a winner, you should treat others like they are winners! That is the only way you can become a winner in their eyes. If you treat others like they are losers, they are not worth it, they are ignorant, etc etc, guess what their feelings about you will be? Like you are not worth it, like you are arrogant and you don't know much else, but to act like a moron. When you treat other like winners, they are enjoying themselves, they feel good, they are happy, they are in power, and that's how they see you! They do not realize that you gave them that power, but they do see you as someone who has the power, and they enjoy their power along with you.

Before you get to the point where everyone around you thinks he is a winner, because you are the winner, you have to get to the point where you actually think of a winner yourself, respect and know your own worth. You know what they say: you only can understand in another what you know in yourself. and that: you teach people how to treat you, by making them see how you treat yourself. Unless you really think of yourself that you are the real deal, no one will ever think that of you.

So, the feeling you are trying to reach here, is that the people that stay with you, should feel the best when they are with you. But not only that, they should be able to realize that they are actually the best version of themselves when they are you.


Always Stay Ready!

There is no time to get ready. You have to always be ready, whenever it hits you. And you shall be ready in your most charismatic state. That means, not only be in a great mood every time you interact with people, which of course it is exhausting, but for your sake, you should have an already perfected funny story. People love a good laugh, and they love even more the person who can make them laugh with their own lived story. It does not really matter if it is real, faked, or half real and half fabricated.

All it matters is they you know how to tell it, and you know how to make people laugh. You know that famous Oscar Wilde saying " If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do everything". Well, he was not much of a feminist, for his own fault, but the saying actually goes for every human being, especially men!

If you can make people laugh, and laughter is associated with very good positive energy, you can make them buy everything!


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