How One Woman from Lahore is Educating Orphans and Trying to Change their Lives

Updated on March 26, 2018

How frequently have you met somebody in passing with a heart-wrenching story to share? How often have you walked away, feeling you could have aided, and probably should have, yet it was past the point of no return?

Here’s the thing about Amnah Umair: She stayed, and she helped.

Amnah Umair is doing something for the society that we all should be proud of.

Amnah with her husband.
Amnah with her husband.

It was a fairly regular day for Amnah, a student, married with a daughter. She was on her way to drop her daughter to her early learning center. On her way to her daughter’s learning center, she stopped at a red-light and saw two very young kids trying to sell color pencils which intrigued her to think about their education and their future. As Amnah puts it

‘’ At the moment, I had tearful eyes and I kept telling myself that there has to be something that I can do, these kids deserve to be in a classroom right now, not on the roads trying to earn for their families.

That sight right there was the turning point for me.’’

Amnah was so moved by the poor condition of orphan and destitute children in Lahore that she started a Foundation to provide them with a shelter and a better education

The very next day, Amnah started looking for kids in her vicinity. She went to the nearby workshops and spent as much time there as she could, looking out for kids. She went through a lot of different phases and eventually, started bringing kids to her house for education and shelter. She started with a handful of kids.

The first few kids that Amnah managed to help.
The first few kids that Amnah managed to help.

But without losing hope and she kept trying to expand the numbers and by August 2017, she had almost 30 kids which gave her confidence to look for a place that would help her establish a proper schooling system with uniforms and proper classrooms to offer, so that these kids feel no less than the rest of the society. After two years of struggle, not only has she been successful in increasing the number of children that she looks after but she also managed to open a school for these kids where teachers volunteer to teach. She now has over 80 children in the two foundations that she works in and is looking to expand her cause.

After successfully opening a school.
After successfully opening a school.

What Made Amnah Help these kids?

‘’It makes me extremely upset when I see poverty in Pakistan. There are individuals around the globe living amidst trash tips and rubbish dumps. These are the poorest of poor people, living in the worst places possible. What's more, we are seeking them out, to hang out with those that no one visits, to embrace the individuals who never get embraced, and to grasp untouchables. There are no shrouded intentions, just love.

I accept with my entire heart that the way to reestablish a city is found if we value broken individuals. The poorest of the poor will come into the structure of the city and change it. When I see kids on trash dumps strolling among the dairy animals, I don't see the refuse. I see an excellent individual that will change this entire country one day from the back to front. It's so promising for me to hear stories of individuals who lose everything, yet at the same time have the boldness to build up their own enterprise.’’

We hope that Amnah can achieve her dreams and make Pakistan a better place. We look forward to support from people all around the globe for such a noble cause.

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