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How To Motivate Yourself To Pursue Your Goals After Failure (With Poems)

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Can you escape failures, mistakes or pain? Can you achieve your goal without putting your soul into it?

There will be moments when you will feel that you can't do it anymore. You will feel that you are a failure. You will feel that everything is over.

You are not the only one who has to go through such a phase

Everyone goes through it. Every successful person has gone through it at some point of their lives.

It is okay if it feels that the pain is unbearable

You might be alone

The fear is real indeed

You feel stuck

It seems as if the circumstances are overpowering you

You feel that you can’t do it

You feel incapable

You are breaking down into a million pieces

All your past mistakes and heartbreak relentlessly get stuck in your mind like a song

It becomes difficult to survive with every passing moment

The tears keep rolling down your cheeks

They don’t seem to stop

You are tired of this pain

You recall how you’ve been hurt by people who meant the world to you

You are frustrated

You tell yourself that you don't care about anyone

Your faith in humanity shatters

What to do?

1. Don't fight with these feelings

Cry your heart out. Don’t try to stop your tears. It is completely okay to be weak at times. It is a part of being human.

Just let them be. Just feel them.

They will become more intense if you will try to resist them. Our mind is wicked that way. This is how it works.

2. Don’t make any decision

It is highly likely that you will end up making a wrong decision. You need to remember that an easy way is not always the right way. You have come this far and worked really hard.

You have built some parts of your dream, haven’t you? Don't smash them. Don’t give up on your dreams. It is just a phase.

3. Be patient

Go for a walk, call someone or watch your favorite show. Do something that helps you to relax.

Take a break but keep going

These moments of pain are meant to direct you towards your goal, not to stop you or push you away from it. Your pain will pay off.

How will you treasure your dream and not take it for granted if you haven't burnt every part of you to achieve it?

Make sure that one day you can proudly tell yourself that you achieved your goal

Make sure that you can tell your younger self that both of you did it

You dared to dream

You lived your dream

You lived the life you wanted to live

One day, you will live your dream

You will feel free again

You will be able to survive this pain

You will think about your dream again

You will realize that this is an inextricable part of the journey

Keep going

One day, you will live your dream!

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