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How I Learnt to Walk in the Spirit


There is, therefore, no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who DO NOT WALK AFTER THE FLESH, but according to the SPIRIT. (Roman 8 vs. 1)

Many Christians often time neglect this part of scripture that I have capitalised. Many aren’t even sure what it means to walk in the spirit. I use to be confused about this for many years too, and when my pastor at church would tell us to stay in the spirit, I would wonder if I was. It wasn’t till a few years ago that I started to understand more about it and since then it has helped me to walk better with Christ.

What does it mean to walk in the Spirit?

Let me give you an example of what I mean by walking in the spirit.

  • I am a new Christian novelist, and at present, this is my only job. Financially, I have none, and sometimes I have little to eat, yet The Lord gives me books to write that are meant to encourage and uplift others in many situations that may be hard to deal with.
  • Before I started to understand how to walk in the spirit, being in this predicament, I would be complaining and be grumbling to God saying things like; how come you have me writing books yet I can’t even provide for myself half the time. Didn’t you say that you will supply all my need according to your riches in glory? So what am I doing wrong or why am I not having that and marketing books are so hard.
  • But since I am now walking in the Spirit I don’t let the flesh pull me from His presence with all the negative problems even though, yes in the flesh it’s hard on the body and sometimes the mind, which is where the devil likes to play. How I find the strength to keep myself is to keep my eyes on His words, even if it’s one verse I know, soon my faith is solid to block out the flesh. Now I am learning to interact with readers and marketing, even designing my own book covers. Things that if I had what I think I need now would rob me of those but still we all must endure some discomfort along the journey.

Christ is such a loving Saviour that sometimes, He helps us as He did with me one time, when I truly felt I was at a roadblock. I remember when I told Him I didn’t know what to do next, He showed me in my mind, the image of Him standing out on the water and telling me to keep my eyes on Him like He told Peter and I got through that and still remember that verse when I meet difficulties.

So just remember that to be in the spirit is when you allow the word of God to guide you in your choices instead of letting your flesh, or what you may think is right. I know many of you will probably say; Oh, I already know all that, but are you walking by what you know?

Even so, I know this post will bless even one person and for that I know I have done something to help someone.

If you have questions, feel free to send them to me. Also, share your thoughts of what you understand it means to walk in the Spirit. I would love to hear you thoughts as well.

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