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Tips for Happiness & Emotional Wellbeing

Retired counselor, 341 short stories published by FSU. I have 4 sons, love sharing photography, writing, love travel, sunshine, sea & Grace.

  • · Love with all your heart.
  • · Enjoy your family
  • · Think before you act: ‘is this in my best interest?”
  • · Stay positive, hopeful & open.
  • · Change negative self talk.
  • · Have a ‘yes i can’ attitude.
  • · Don’t entertain excuses.
  • · Think positively about yourself.
  • · Get passionate about your dreams and don't give up, you are as capable and successful as your passion and effort.
  • · Accept your weaknesses as well as your strengths.
  • · Set reasonable goals.
  • · Encourage your ‘can do’ attitude by trying and by encouraging others.
  • · Praise yourself and take a pride in your achievements.
  • · Be your own biggest fan.
  • · Be honest with yourself and others.
  • · Trust yourself; ask for help when you need it.
  • · Take 20 minutes a day to praise yourself for anything you have achieved in that day ~ (even if it was just getting out of bed).
  • · Respect yourself.
  • · Don’t try to be someone else.
  • · Love the unique person you are; no-one else is exactly like you.
  • · Make your own miracles happen by believing in yourself.
  • · A small step each day toward your goals makes giant strides in the long run. Action makes all things happen.
  • · See the funny side in things and try not to take yourself or stuff too seriously; enjoy a good belly laugh and share humor and joy.
  • · Avoid being reactive and impulsive; take control before you get upset. When you are angry & upset (reactive), it’s like giving someone else the remote control to your feelings and saying "here, change my mood any time you wish!"
  • · Be proactive; think before getting angry; use positive language and positive thinking and your actions will be positive, this puts the control back into your own hands.
  • · You are free to choose whichever behavior you want, no-one else can make you feel, think or behavior unless you let them.
  • · Avoid blaming: people, places, and things. Power comes from accepting things as they are. We can only change ourselves; no-one else.
  • · Remember, life is a gift and we don't know how long we have (to touch, love, live, create and evolve) so, why not make the most of it.
  • · Stay open to love and keep on giving, hoping, learning, reaching, trying, praying, trusting and believing.

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