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Hindrances to Fulfilling Your Dream

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This article is not about having night communications while you sleep. Instead, it is about having a dream of a better future or something you want while you are awake. It is something you desire to have. Therefore, you think about it and wish it would come true.

Some people's dreams are almost always fulfilled while others are almost never fulfilled. What makes the difference? There are several reasons why some dreams are not fulfilled. Read about the following hindrances to your dream. See if any of them are keeping you from fulfilling the dream you for your life.



If you doubt that your dream will come about, then you are halfway there because doubting is a big could hindrance that keeps your dream from being fulfilled. If you want your dream to come to about, then you should stop doubting. Also, you should stay away from doubting Thomases who tell you that you will never succeed.

You need positive energy from yourself and from others. Therefore, don't share your dream with people who will pay a damper on it.


Keep away from people and things that will distract you. Some people might mean well and try to help. On the other hand, there are people who would like to see you fail. So, do not be distracted by what they might do to curtail your dream.

It might be better to tell some people after your dream has come true instead of telling them while you dream is in progress.


If God has put a dream in your heart and mind, do not dismiss it. Neither do not think of it as a dilemma that you have to challenge.

Accept the dream as something God wants you to fulfill. Do not run in the opposite direction like Jonas did when God gave him a task. Do not refuse to do everything possible for the fulfillment of your dream.ore.


It is not unusual to deliberate when God gives you an assignment. When you are absolutely sure the dream has come from God, do not deliberate.

Do not procrastinate. You do not have to discuss it with others to get their opinions. Refrain from getting others to vote on what God told you to do. Others will not understand. Therefore, they won't be able to give you wise advice.



Eliminate desperation from your dream. It shouldn't be something you are anxious and overly concerned about even though there is nothing wrong with focusing on it and thinking it through.

Fulfilling your dream should be something you can relax about and enjoy the process. Some people enjoy the journey just as much as they enjoy the manifestation of their dream. If you eliminate desperation, you will be able to do what you can do and leave the rest up to God who gave you the idea in the first place.

Practice relinquishment and see how relaxed you will be.

The Devil

When most people have dreams they do not realize that the devil tries to make sure they are never fulfilled. Therefore, a person is working against a lot of forces.

It is Satan's job to destroy dreams, especially the ones given to people by God. While you are working to make your dream come to fruition, you should be in constant prayer. You should praise God for every facet of your dream as it becomes true. When you do not know what to do, you should seek God's help and then obey Him even if you do not understand the logic.

Be vigilant at all times, and give no place for the devil to keep you in confusion. If so, he will destroy your dream.

Deliverer of Dreams

Dreams can come true. However, there might be dream busters along the way. Make sure you are mindful of them. Eliminate them and see how quickly your dream will be fulfilled. You will be in the right position to receive from God who is the deliver of dreams.

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