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The Positivity Hub

Ever wondered what's wrong with my life? Why can't I get to places I want? Why am I not happy with my life? If you did then you're at the right place! In this hub I want to help you all realize how and why we give in to negativity, and how to overcome our pessimistic thoughts that hold us back!

It's important for us to realise that the only thing that's holding us back from being happy is our own thought. Once we realise that it we are already half way there! How realising this help you might wonder? Well! Everytime that we look someone else or something else as the reason for our happiness we give away our power and control of our own happiness to them. How we feel thereafter is completely in their hands and there's hardly anything we can do about it. By realizing that our happiness lies within us we take back our power and control over our life, and thereafter there's a lot many things we can do about it! We can now look upon it objectively and without judgement. We can now think of ways to get out of this spot! So, next time you feel stuck, take a moment to think about how you got stuck? Analyzing the entire situation through a second person's eyes, but remember not to get judgemental as it will only put you back in an unsettling and unhappy situation. Once, you realize your mistake that led you to your current position, try to think as rationally as you can of all the ways to get out of that spot! It's always good to think of more ways than one because if walking down one path leads us to a dead end we can always turn to the other options at hand! And the reason behind asking you to think as rationally as possible is that when we are upset we tend to think of the easiest way out and though it makes sense given our present problems, it's not a long term solution. Eventually one thing or the other might happen that may lead us back to square one. Thinking rationally makes us see options that are difficult and may have been overlooked otherwise. Going down the difficult path may seem a little challenging but it'll shift our focus from our problems to the solution of our problems and once we start focusing on solutions to a given problem we automatically start feeling positive and happy.

Secondly, never tie your happiness to an external factor. Every time one goes to an extent of holding something or someone as responsible for one's own happiness they go about burdening the outside stimulus with unrealistic expectations, which are very difficult to fulfill and honestly not a very good position to be in. We can't control others or their lives or what goes on within it. Always remember: The only thing we can control is our own life and our own thoughts. If we can't keep our own selves happy, don't you think its a little unrealistic to expect someone else to do it for us? Every time we expect something from an external source of happiness we end up disappointed more times than exicted or happy. So, it's always logical to keep our expectations from an external factor to the minimal.

Thirdly, always try to work on yourself. The more we try to improve ourself and our own life, the less we'll have time to see what someone else is doing or achieving. This will eventually save us from constantly comparing ourselves to others and will keep us away from the trap of finding ourself at a disadvantage or finding ourself unworthy and falling into a quicksand of sadness. When we keep ourselves busy in making our own grass greener, we feel happy every time a little blade of grass sprouts greener than before.

Do give it a try and let me know if it helps! I can't wait to hear it from you.

Till next time take care!